FreeSome closure to the greatest night of their lives. Sex Pics

A humiliating exam in front of a very large audience.

"Do you think they'll wonder what's going on?"

"No," she smiled, lowering herself to her knees and reaching her small hands forward to unbutton and unzip my pants, "they're playing with the kids. We've got some time."

She smiled up at me, her short hair falling a little across her eyes a little as she reached to pull back my boxers, and my hard dick sprang free.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?"

She sighed, grasping my cock gingerly, starting to make slow jerks along it with her hand. "Please, Brian. We're adults. I'm betting you get just as little sex as I do. We're just two, healthy adults who are fulfilling our desires with one another so that we can continue to be just as faithful and loving to our spouses as we have always been."

"But," I stammered, "what if they find out? And, you're Sarah's best friend."

"Well," she smiled viciously, "now you and I can be friends." And with that, she leaned forward, and lowered her mouth over my dick.

It was hot, and my dick was aching. I could feel her exhale heavily through her nostrils as she took me all the way in, and I arched my body up into her as she started to swirl her tongue over my dick, getting it wet. She looked up at me with her doe eyes, and gently slid her teeth along my shaft. I felt myself shudder, and I grabbed hold of the vanity and the window sill to keep myself from crying out.

Tish started to slide her mouth along me, thrusting my rigid cock inside her mouth at a steady space. I could feel her slide her tongue along the underside of my dick as she moved, sucking hard along my head and shaft. I was panting, my legs trembling and hitting against her shoulders and sides. I looked to see her breasts pressed firmly against the closed toilet seat, and watched as she reached a hand into my boxers to free my balls, fondling them eagerly.

Her hands felt cold as the touched my sack, and she moaned audibly at the heat of them against her skin. She paused sucking on me for a moment, making soft gulping noises as she ran my balls between her fingers. She made another moan, opening her mouth to exhale against the hair of my crotch, and then started moving more vigorously along my shaft.

I tilted my head back, arching my pelvis into her, and I could hear her choke and struggle a little as my dick pressed into the roof of her mouth and the back of her throat. But even if she hadn't had sex in a while, if she was truly as sex starved as I was, she was still a pro at sucking cock. She took all of me inside her, and gulped and sucked vehemently.

My legs were quaking now. My fingers were hurting from the force of holding onto the vanity and window sill, my knuckles white, drained of blood. Tish could sense my orgasm rising, could hear how I stopped breathing for long moments, my legs tense as she sucked me. Still she kept her pace, and tongued and sucked me until I was to the very edge. And then, with words that were barely a whisper and more of a whimper, "Tish, I'm coming."

And the waves of orgasm crashed through me. My dick tensed, and then it let go, spasming against Tish's tongue as it shot hot semen into her throat and waiting mouth. She stopped and gasped, moaning into my dick as it continued to cum. When it was done, she swallowed, and then gingerly licked the head of my dick with her tongue, cleaning up the last few drops.

"Mmm," she gulped. "I've been waiting to suck you off."

I shuddered again at her words, and looked down at her, stunned and exhausted. "I can't believe this just happened."

"Well," she breathed, wiping her fingers across her lips to clean up any extra cum, "believe it. And it's going to happen again if you like."

"I would," I said eagerly.

"Good," she smiled, standing up and adjusting her shirt and her Capris. "Eric's gone tomorrow to a conference for work. You should stop by."

"That's perfect," I smiled back. "Sarah's going to a bridal shower for Samantha, so I'll be home alone with the car."