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Sex therapy wasn't easy for her, but was mortifying for him.

He knew that he couldn't deny it. But if he admitted it he'd be better off dead. He couldn't see anyone coming to his aid. Perhaps he could stall some more.

John was probing his mind. "Stalling won't do you any good," he said, smiling to make clear that the man would have no secrets from him.

"It's just my job," the man said. "Or at least part of my job. Look I can't help you."

In a blink of an eye, the man standing in front of John was transformed into a woman. Much smaller, perhaps five feet five inches tall. Blonde with small perky tits, a shaved pussy and decent ass. She wasn't gorgeous, but just a little cuter than plain.

She knew something had happened, but wasn't sure what, until she spoke. The sound of her voice shocked her. She felt a weight on her chest and looked down at her tits, her nipples were hard; she was aroused. She looked beyond them to her pussy. "My gawd! I have a tits and a pussy!" She screamed in her head, trying not to panic and draw undue attention to herself.

"Yes, you do and unless you tell me what I want to know, I will begin to make some alterations, to give you a little incentive. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have menstrual cramps? Or to have your period? I know this is all new to you, but you're about to get a crash course on womanhood."

The look on the newly made woman's face was one of shock. She began to stutter, but no real words emerged and John couldn't detect any real thoughts to answer his questions.

"Well, since this is bacchanal and orgy, I think you should be deflowered, do you?" He turned to the stunned couple. "Jim, when was the last time you fucked a virgin?" John asked. "She looks like she's ready to lose her virginity, don't you think?" John looked at the woman. "Her nipples are hard, I'll bet she's wet and ready."

Jim looked a little confused. He wasn't excited in the least, how would he be able to comply with his master's request? Nevertheless, he rose to his feet and approached the woman. As soon as he got near he was surprised to see he had sprouted a huge erection.

The new woman was freaking out in her head. She was aroused. But why. Because he said she was? Only she and John knew what she was going through her mind. On the exterior, she seemed to be one cool customer; only her face showed the emotions she was feeling. She began to become flushed with her arousal.

She tried to calm herself. She was beginning to forget who she was and where she was. "Why am I naked? Why is everyone naked? Wait. I'm at an orgy. Okay. I've been to many orgies. I like them. I like to fuck the women there, they are always so hot and horny. Wait a minute. I am a woman. That's not right." She grabbed her new tits with both hands, "I am a woman? Master," she yelled mentally, "please Master help me!"

"Finally," John thought to himself. He blocked the new woman's mind so that her master wouldn't be able to hear her anymore or mentally track her. Since she was now a woman, visually he wouldn't be able to pick her out immediately. It was time to see what awaited him. John was ready.

He was a large bald man moving through the crowd, big and muscular like a body builder. He was naked and bronzed. Swinging from between his legs was a decent-sized flaccid cock.

There were only two remaining rings for John to collect, the Ring of Peace and the Ring of Justice. Which one was this to be?

Meanwhile, obeying his master, Jim pulled the virgin into the lounge chair.

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