FreeThe Next Two Months. Sex Pics

Lonely suspicious man is pursued by enamored kitsune.

Then the step-mother at last broke her fierce kiss as a single string of drool hung between mother and son for a moment.

"Lay down over here," Kim ordered gently, patting the area of the king-sized mattress just next to body with her small, delicate hand.

Dustin's heart pounded inside his chest.

The more he took in the exposed skin of his step-mother beneath him, the more coherent thoughts bled away from his mind. Even the smell coming from Kim's body was intoxicating; the aroma was something sweet and smelled of the spring-time. Everything abut the moment sent the young man's blood racing through his body, each cell screaming for the touch of his beautiful step-mother.

As soon as he laid his thick back down on the sheets, Kim was upon his bare, toned chest.

She wasted no time continuing the depraved kiss where it had left off with her warm, curious tongue exploring every inch of Dustin's mouth. She worked the darting muscle against his cheeks, then down his neck, and finally to his chest where Kim planted a soft kiss upon the boy's dark nipple before taking a soft bite of it.

Dustin arched in place as a powerful moan came roaring up from inside him, while Kim's kisses continued down a forbidden trail toward their true destination. As her lips grew closer to her step-son's engorged shaft with every soft touch of her flesh against his own, they could almost feel the bonds of traditional labels peeling away. Heat poured from their skin as Kim's tan body grazed up against the firm muscles of Dustin, both of them now feeling less like kindred relatives and increasingly like two animals, consumed by a primal desire to mate.

The lust between the two bodies clung palpably to the air.

In seconds, Kim was placing gentle kisses on the inside of Dustin's thighs, working her lips back and forth between them, taking extra caution not to come into contact with the throbbing sex that occupied the space between them. Slowly, a devious smile crept across Kim's lips as she watched Dustin's cock twitch with every touch of her lips against his body.

Now Dustin stood completely erect at nine inches, his manhood protruding into the air like a toy begging to be played with. But Kim continued happily exploring the sensitive skin of his thighs with her gentle kisses, occasionally biting instead of kissing and watching her step-son and his cock jump in reaction.

Suddenly, the kisses stopped and Dustin found himself locked in silent anticipation, wild thoughts consuming his imagination as he waited for the Asian beauty's next move. The passion of the moment made it nearly impossible for him to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

Dustin's eyes couldn't break away as he watched his step-mother softly brush the outside of her lips against the pulsating tip of his cock as gently as she could, her curious gaze locked onto it as a fresh pulse shot through its length. Then, her right hand grazed against the skin that her lips occupied just moments earlier, bringing forth equally powerful responses from her step-son's erect sex. The small fingers continued their work with purpose as Kim's small fingertips slid back and forth against the quivering flesh of Dustin's cock head, watching as the muscles throughout his body visibly contracted with every touch.

Kim was an experienced lover and knew all too well that focusing on the tip of Dustin's cock would quickly drive the boy wild; it was exactly what she intended to do.

Dustin, still watching the sight deliriously, fought to catch his breath as his step-mom continued slithering her seductive grasp against the aching top of his shaft. As the pressure built with each new touch, a warmth was rising inside of him. What started off as an ember in the pit of his stomach soon burst forth into a wild blaze after another minute of his step-mother's teasing hand against his pounding sex.

Now his trembling thighs indicated to Kim that at any moment he would cum.

She read