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Her last button undone, she opened the blouse wide and eased it off her shoulders. Her breasts were large for a girl her age, and they were framed beautifully by her black shelf bra. Her nipples were small but prominent, with almost no visible areola, and they perched above the edge of her bra, pressing inquisitively into the room like kittens escaping their box to explore their surroundings. When Serena removed the bra, her breasts dropped almost imperceptibly-it was truly remarkable how well they held their form, given their size. Dr. Andrew gave a soft, appreciative grunt, and explained quietly to me that everything he was seeing helped him formulate a plan for his treatment.

Keeping my eyes locked on the beautiful sight in front of me, I quietly asked the doctor a question.

"While we were in the waiting room, I was looking over the different treatment options you offer, Doc. Should we consider any of the additional services for Serena?"

"Actually, since this is Serena's first time, I think that our basic treatment will be best. That way I can focus on getting to know her body, and that knowledge will be a great foundation for success in future treatments she may opt for. In addition, most of our enhancements are not appropriate for a girl who hasn't celebrated her Festival yet-it's not time for Serena to be handling penises, I'm sure you're aware, and as she is a virgin, vaginal penetration is out of the question anyway.

"However, so you can keep it in mind for the future, we do offer a great set of enhancements that I'm sure she'll enjoy after her Festival. Our goal here is to help our clients reach a high level of arousal, and many girls are extremely stimulated by the presence of an erect male member-by touching it, sucking on it, or having it inside them. And research has demonstrated that semen can be particularly effective in eliciting the type of neurological activity we're attempting to achieve in some young females, so we offer treatments that include applying fresh semen to various parts of their bodies, depositing it inside them, or allowing them to drink it-in short, whatever it takes for our clients to achieve a powerful climax and the deep, beneficial relaxation and stress relief that accompanies it."

I nodded, but was still unclear on the details. "So do you have sex with them?"

Dr. Andrew chuckled reassuringly. "My goodness no. That would violate my responsibilities as a practitioner, and we are consummate professionals here. We are practicing medicine.

"We have five doctors working in this clinic, so when a client requests those enhancements, one or a few of us will assist her practitioner. For example, if after her Festival Serena were to purchase one of our more popular packages, the Double-Double, Dr. James and Dr. Noah would join us here and provide the two penises for Serena's treatment. She would have the opportunity to fellate Dr. James' penis-to suck, nibble, or simply look at and touch-whatever gave her the most pleasure-while Dr. Noah would use his penis to penetrate her vaginally. As chief practitioner in Serena's case, I would oversee the treatment process, guiding her arousal to its peak, and as she climaxed she would receive two ejaculations, one orally, the other deep in her vagina-thus the name, Double-Double: two penises, two seminal loads. Our packages like this are popular because they include a significant price discount, as well."

Serena, her eyes downcast, unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it, her backside to us, and stepped gingerly out of it. The glow from above gleamed on her smooth buttocks as she folded her skirt and blouse and set them aside, then bent over again to unbuckle the strap on her wedge heels.

The twins were both athletes, and Serena had a compact, solid figure with sculpted arms and shou