The "full report" Master requested- at least, the first part. Porn Video

You come home late to an empty house.

A big tough guy whose knees had buckled as he shot ropes of cum onto her face and massive tits. She was hooked. It was the first time she had felt like a real woman. She had never been able to get rid of the impressions she was left with, things like the faint but distinct smell of his balls and of the load they'd released.

Afterward she had needed more and more of this kind of attention. She had gone on to fuck all sorts of men. Sometimes two in the same day, once or twice she even allowed herself to be taken by more than one man at the same time. Once this had proven very painful when she'd permitted them to penetrate her in both her pussy and her ass at the same time. Aside from that experience though, she had always been able to handle pretty much whatever was thrown at her.

Elaine tried to keep this aspect of her character concealed at all cost. Her family, even her friends, thought of her more as a sweetheart - boring, average and dependable. She didn't think of herself as a slut per se, but she knew that she had a powerful sexual appetite. Even though she didn't dress provocatively, men had always been interested in her, not for her face, which was cute but plain, but mostly for her gigantic breasts.

In spite of all her experience, tonight promised to be something different, and exciting. She had never fucked one of her son's friends before. In fact, Jeremy was there in that same house, presumably asleep in his room in the basement. Not directly below the guest room where she would soon be fucking Chris, but still, it made things more interesting.

Elaine hadn't fully recognized it but she now became conscious of the fact that she was letting her fingers play lightly along her wet slit, absentmindedly building her arousal to new levels. Her large dark nipples stood erect and pressing against her night gown. She didn't want to let any more time pass.

Abruptly, Elaine entered the room saying, "One thing I forgot Chris..." and then freezing, pretending to be surprised by what she saw.

A look of pure terror crossed Chris' face as he made an unsuccessful attempt to cover his massive bulge.

"Oh sweetie," Elaine gasped, "you're huge."

She stepped forward almost in slow motion and put her hand gently on Chris' cheek. He was breathing very shallowly. Suddenly the tension broke as he gained control of himself and leaned in to kiss her while taking her hand from his face and placing it on his shaft. Elaine kissed him passionately, forcing their tongues together as she slowly stroked his dick.

She kissed his chest and nipple, gazing up at him and smiling flirtatiously. Her eyes were dark and seductive.

"I can't believe you're doing this Mrs. Anderson," Chris groaned as she licked her way down to her target and eased the thick head of his cock into her ready mouth. His excitement was beautiful to her, and from her knees she continued to look up, to appreciate his firm muscles, his stiff young dick, and most of all his expressions of pleasure. He held her hair and pushed her mouth farther down onto his cock. Then his whole body convulsed and Chris had his orgasm. Elaine let him cum, drinking it and taking it all in her throat and mouth. She wanted desperately to dry his balls out. He just kept firing load after glorious load of warm semen.

When Chris had finally finished ejaculating Elaine stood up and, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and swallowing one last time, pushed Chris down onto the bed. She spread his legs and then slid her hands under his ass, lifting it up from the covers. Leaning in she began licking, first his balls and then his asshole. She rimmed him passionately and he again was grasping at her head, pulling her hair, moaning and writhing.

His erection, which had subsided after he came, began slowly to grow again. Elaine ran her tongue all over Chris' asshole, pressing and licking it. It was moist and tender and Chris was loving the attention he was getting down there.

He beat his dick with new passion as he p

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