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Breakfast with Jess. Movies with both sisters. Lucky Jack!

"No one has to know...."

"Fuck," he says, knowing his resolve would not last much longer.

"Yes Harry," his mum purrs at him. "I want you to fuck me... I want you to fuck me hard."

And like that, Harry's resolve is gone, he yanks his shirt over his head and throws it on the ground revealing his nicely toned body. He watches, his breathing getting ragged as he watches his mum rub her hands over his abs and chest. Her hands move down to his jeans and hooking her fingers through the belt loops, she tugs him towards the couch. He follows obediently.

Once there, she undoes his pants and slips them and his jocks down, letting them pool around his ankles, his large thick cock jumping to attention at its release.

"Mmmm" Sandy purrs. "You're quite a bit larger than you father."

Harry's cock twitches again growing a little bit larger at the ego boost of being called 'big.' His mum pushes him onto the couch and he sits there gazing up at his naked mother as her boobs hang in front of his face.

Harry's hands reach out to touch the lovely firm tits before him but has his hands slapped away. Taking the hint, he brings them back to his sides and looks up at his mother who is smiling down at him.

Slowly, she kneels in front of him, spreading his legs wider. He complies. Sandy slowly leans forward and holding his long thick cock in her hand she licks the tip. Harry moans softly watching as his mum licks him over and over. Finally she leans further forward and takes his big cock into her mouth, running her tongue over every part of him she can.

Harry moans loudly as his mother takes him in his mouth and starts to bob up and down on it. Slowly getting faster and faster.

The two of them are so lost in the moment that neither realises that the door opens once more as Casey walks in.

The moans reach Casey as soon as she walks through the door, looking over at the couch she can see the top of Harry's head as he moans at the ceiling eyes closed.

'Oh God not again,' she thinks to herself in disgust. She has caught her brother wanking off on the couch a few times now. 'Guess I should remind the idiot that mum's home tonight,' she thinks.

"Geez, don't you think you can do that in your own room?" she says, loud enough to be heard over her brothers moans. She starts walking towards the couch. "What would mum think if she came down stairs and caught you? Or did you forget she was home tonight?"

Casey finally moves around the corner of the couch and stares open mouthed at the scene before her. Sandy and her son freeze. Sandy looks wide eyed at her daughter, still with Harry's cock in her mouth. Harry just looks embarrassed and ashamed.

"YOU!" Casey yells, looking at her brother. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!" she screeches pointing at their mother still kneeling there, a mouth full of cock.

"Case... uh ... it wasn't me I swear" Harry pleads. "It was mum... she came on to me!"

"Oh yeah? Likely story!" she scoffs. "I don't know how you managed it but you should be ashamed of yourself. Your own mother!"

"Um... actually," pipes up Sandy, having finally pulled herself together enough to pull her mouth off of her sons cock and sit up, facing her daughter. "He's telling the truth... it was me," she explains blushing furiously.

Casey stares at her mum, her cheeks going pink as she takes in her mum's breasts front on. They wore the same bra size so they were much similar to her own.

"W.. What?" Casey manages as she drags her eyes from her mother's boobs up to her face. "Why..?" she asks confused.

"Well... I was masturbating on the couch when your brother came home early and caught me... I was just so horny that I suggested maybe he could help me... since your father never has time to satisfy me anymore," says Sandy in a rush.

"But... what? ... he's your son... It's wrong... oh god I'm so confused." Casey sinks to the ground covering her face in her hands.

Sandy crawls over to her daughter and hugs her close.

"Oh sweetie.