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Jenny finds her brother's "secret folder".

Erica drifted off to sleep without much effort.


Things were awkward between them the following day. Zack seemed to avoid her, never looking her in the eyes. It was understandable, but also very worrying. Did he regret it? Or did he think he'd been too rough with her? How could she communicate that it was okay if he didn't even give her the opportunity to smile at him? Their parents being around didn't make it any easier.

"You've been keeping up with your studies, I assume?" their father asked, watching Zack struggle with his bags.

"Of course," he responded without taking his eyes off the luggage.

"Not to much drinking and chasing skirts, I hope. Why, I remember how it was back then, surrounded by all those girls. But it's important to also remember to stu-"

"I'm sure Zack is behaving," Susan interrupted her husband, giving him a dangerous look. Carl coughed and wiped the dreamy look off his face.

"Well, I'm just saying it's important to study, is all..."

"I know, Dad. Thanks," Zack said.

"It's about time we left," Susan said. "The bus leaves in thirty minutes. Say goodbye to your father and sister, Zack."

Erica fidgeted at the mention of her name. They usually embraced affectionately when he left, but she wasn't sure if he would this time.

"Goodbye, Son. Take care," Carl said, hugging his son in that macho way guys always do, tapping Zack's back with his hand and breaking away as quickly as they had embraced.

"Bye, Dad. Bye, Sis," Zack mumbled, reaching his hand out at her in a gesture halfway between a handshake and a wave.

"Bye..." Erica whispered.

Her mother and brother left, closing the door behind them without another word. Erica sighed. She should probably text him to clear things up, but she didn't know if she dared.

She noticed her father looking at her, concern in his eyes.

"Did you guys have a fight?" he asked.

"W-what? No!" she said, way too defensively.

"Right. Well, you know your brother loves you, right? That's more important than any disagreement."

"We didn't fight."

"Okay. I'm just saying, since you're visiting him next week. I want you to enjoy your time together. So make sure whatever you end up doing is something that you'll both enjoy."

Erica could feel her face turn red from her father's advice. If he only knew. She turned away and walked toward her room.

"Okay. Thanks, Dad," she said, almost managing to keep the tone of her voice normal.


The week passed quickly, without a single message from her brother. Only a desperate, solitary "Bro?" begging for attention on her screen.

Erica's parents were still sold on the idea of getting the house to themselves. There was no escaping it.

"You two have a good time now, you hear?" her mother said, smiling and pushing her toward the bus. "And take good care of your brother."

"I will," Erica assured her mother, though she wasn't so sure about that.

The trip felt longer than usual. She finally arrived and navigated her way through the city's transportation system, ending up in front of his apartment.

Zack opened the door, looking a bit nervous, and greeted his sister.

"Hey Eri. How was the trip?"

"Fine," Erica answered and returned his awkward embrace.

He wore jeans and a red t-shirt, tight against his well defined body. He looked good, but uncertain. Erica bit her lip in frustration.

She took off her jacket while he carried her bag into the small apartment. The room contained a bed, a desk, a small table and a compact kitchen. Not bad considering how some dorms looked, but still very small. At least he had it to himself.

"So. I was thinking I could take you on a tour of the city and campus tomorrow. Other than that I'm open to ideas if there's anything you wanna do." He looked at her, but quickly turned away and cleared his throat. "Uh, I've borrowed a mattress to put on the floor. I'll just have to move around some stuff. You can take the bed. What do you think?"


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