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She wanted to be my married, middle-aged whore.

"Whaddaya think?" she asked, pirouetting in front of Adam like a semi-nude ballerina.

"Gosh, I think, uh, those are, like, like, uh,," the stammering continued.

"They're, like, real, you mean?" Patricia teased, continuing to sway in front of Adam. He was completely in her power now. He was hers. It was only a matter of time.

"Yeah, like real."

"You can call them tits, boobs, whatever, Adam. Would you like to touch them?"

"Oh, golly, uh, Mrs. H., really? Can I? Can I touch them?"

"Please, Adam, I want you to touch my boobs. Stand up."

Adam stood and as he did so Patricia took his right hand and placed it just below her left breast. "Touch me, Adam." He obeyed and moved his hand up onto her breast, covering the nipple, basically grabbing it.

"Gently, Adam, gently. Women don't like to be handled roughly - at least most don't. Move your fingers around and over my breast. Feel how hard the nipple is. Don't grab. Touch."

"Mrs. H., your, um, nipple, it is really hard," he said, doing as his instructor asked him to do, moving his fingers over her breast as she had asked him, lightly, gently.

Patricia then moved his left hand to her right breast and Adam massaged both simultaneously. "Like it, Adam?"

"Mm-hmm." He was concentrating on the job at hand, so to speak. Patricia let him continue for a couple of minutes, savouring the sensation of her breasts being kneaded by a young man, then pulled his hands away from her. Adam looked at her, somewhat puzzled or frustrated, I'm not sure.

"Next step." Patricia said, placing her hands on either side of her bikini bottom, and slowly, tantalizingly, sliding them down past her hips, and as she did her bush came into view, a proud black triangle revealing itself. She wiggled and the bottom fell to the floor, revealing her to Adam completely naked. "What do you think, Adam?" she asked, pirouetting again to give him a view of her ass as well.

"Mrs. H., you are so beautiful!" he exhaled.

"Why, thank you, young man!" she smiled at Adam. She moved closer to him again, and again took his right hand and placed it just above her pussy hair. "Adam, now just gently run your fingers through my bush, nice and gently, hon." His fingers moved through her bush, over her mound, to just near her clit, which had started to extend. Patricia's clit is fairly prominent and is a great point of attention for me when we have sex.

Patricia put her arms around Adam as he stroked through her pubic hair, parting her legs slightly as she did. "Adam, now I want you to move your fingers down a little lower. You'll feel a little button just below my bush. That's my clitoris, or clit. It is very sensitive Adam, so please be careful. Below my clit is the entrance to my vagina, or pussy, cunt, whatever you want to call it Adam. Please touch me there."

Adam's fingers moved lower and contacted her clit, causing Patricia to stiffen and gasp. She was clearly very hot about what she was doing! He continued moving downwards to her pussy lips. As he touched them Patricia sighed, "Oh yes, Adam, that feels good!" With that, she moved past Adam, leading him by the hand, and lay down on the bed, legs slightly apart, and beckoned him to join her. He did so, and again his fingers found her vagina, and Patricia placed her hand on his, and helped him trace the motions I know from experience she enjoys so much.

"Oh, Adam, you're doing wonderfully well. Yes, touch me there, yes, there."

As this scene was developing and Adam was engrossed in his learning experience, I felt confident enough to slowly stand up behind the screen, unzip my own shorts, and pull my stiff cock out. I sat back down and started to stroke myself, slowly, slowly, as I didn't want to come quickly.

"Adam, baby, please slide a finger into my vagina. I'm wet inside now and it should go in ever so easily."

Adam, ever the mindful student, did as instructed and slid his middle finger inside my wife.