FreeJamie finally gets the spanking she deserves. Sex Pics

Yasmine's life being taken over by her brother and his wife.

"That night I fucked you for the first time, you had said that you wanted to satisfy my every desire that you had the means to satisfy. Don, you've done an absolutely fabulous job of satisfying me. I'm afraid I haven't been so obliging. For that I'm sorry."

"Stephen, I didn't mean to imply that I wasn't satisfied. That's far from the truth. You've given me more joy and pleasure than I'd ever imagined possible."

"Don, how come you've never asked to see my drawings?"

"What? What does that have anything to do with this?'

"Plenty. My art supplies and my works are still wrapped up and in boxes and crates in the basement. All you've seen are my recent pencil sketches. Why haven't you asked to see my other works?"

"I didn't want to pry, Stephen. When you put those boxes and crates away, you looked so troubled. And you refused to let me help you move them. I figured something had happened in your past and I should respect your boundaries."

"That's what I suspected. You're always so considerate.... Ride me hard, Don. Make me come."

Don's ass was practically jumping, bouncing high and crashing down hard. The noise of his buns slapping against Stephen's hips and thighs was accompanied by the creaking of the wooden bed frame and the thumping of the posts against the floor. He threw his head back and roared, deep-chested and full of satisfaction. He pinched his own nipples as he bounced, amplifying the pleasure with a dose of pain. His heavy pink scrotum darkened to a purplish hue, banging against Stephen's lower abs. Don's extremely fat cock drummed against Stephen's taut belly. "Oh, yes! It's coming, Stephen," Don shouted as he felt Stephen trembling. Stephen reached up and pulled down on Don's shoulders. Don stopped riding and leaned down to kiss Stephen, who began to thrust his hips upward with incredible speed. Stephen drove his tongue into Don's mouth, fucking it, as he fucked Don's ass. Seconds before his orgasm hit, he pushed up on Don's shoulder, forcing the big man to rise up on his knees. Stephen raised his pelvis as high as he could, driving his cock into Don's ass, and simultaneously curled his back and neck, taking the large bulb of Don's cock between his lips. Feeling Stephen's cock pulse and shoot inside him, Don came, roaring, "Oh gaawwd! Stephen!"

Don rolled off and crashed onto his back, his elephantine thighs burning. Stephen curled up against Don's side, laying the side of his face on Don's brawny chest. Don wrapped his warm, furry arms around his young husband and kissed the top of Stephen's head, breathing deeply of the freshly washed locks of light brown hair. Don laughed, then said, "If that's not satisfaction, I have no idea what you're talking about."

Stephen chuckled. "It was satisfying, wasn't it?"

"It was, Stephen. I don't need every one of my desires fulfilled to be satisfied."

"Don't go throwing my own words back at me, Don. What if you hadn't let me fuck you that first time, hm? What if I never fucked you at all? Would you still be satisfied?"

"I ... I don't know ... I mean, I guess I would ... but-"

"But no, you wouldn't, Don. If we had been complacent in our sexual relationship, I would have continued to suck you off and ride your cock, and we would have been pretty happy with the arrangement. We would have shared some mutual pleasure, but not the intense love and satisfaction we share now. Hindsight been perfect, would you have no regrets if you hadn't taken a chance and offered your ass to me?"

"I would hate myself if I hadn't, Stephen."

"Thought so.