FreeThere is only one way for this perfect Sunday to end. Sex Pics

Wife loses bet and becomes a slut.

She had embraced the southwestern style as well and wore lots of Native-influenced jewelry, a brightly floral silk blouse and a dressy white linen pant suit. Exotic animal skin pumps matched her handbag and her now-graying strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into an elaborate bun. I noticed her body had become barrel shaped and the bosom that flummoxed me for the last three days was even heavier, higher and as tan as two decades before. She hugged me maternally, sat down and we chatted, ate too much heavy food, drank too much wine and the years melted away. I was no longer the awkward kid that was too soft and too heavy. She was no longer the unattainable goddess. Kara was no longer the shapeless skinny girl with the Harpo Marx hair and the crappy attitude. We were peers and friends, and nothing else mattered.

We spent the entire supper catching up. Because Sally kept in contact with my mother over the years, Sally and Kara knew a lot more about how my life had gone than I knew of them. Sally and Tom had divorced very shortly after I moved from Florida. Sally re-married a hotel developer and retired with him to Tucson and he had recently passed away and had left Sally a very rich widow. Kara, apparently, left home at eighteen drifted around for many years, never married and recently returned to live with her mom.

Jack was a lost cause. He was a drifter that neither of them saw any more, and he had great resentment that his mother refused to share her riches with him.

Kara excused herself around 8:30 and explained that she worked a late shift at her job and needed to be there by 9 pm. I hugged her, this time noticing the sensual curves of her frame against mine, and she kissed me on the lips. She locked her gaze onto mine and said "I hope to see you again soon." She turned and sashayed away, her hips possessing the same feline roll of her mother. My eyes followed that walk until she turned a corner and disappeared.

I sat down and Sally was the cat that ate the canary. Her eyes twinkled and her sly smile belied the wheels turning in her head. Had I been caught again, twenty years later, only with the females reversed? She sipped her wine and huskily whispered: "We need some dessert." My heart leaped in my shirt, and my cock leaped in my pants.

"Shall I get a dessert menu?" I asked as I tried to remain calm and collected. I felt her naked foot on my calf, stroking up and down, barely touching the fabric of the khakis, creating just enough pressure that I knew it was intentional. I looked up to her eyes. She licked her lips. She exaggeratedly pursed her lips as she finished the wine and put the goblet on the red linen tablecloth.

The pressure on my leg increased and she leaned forward. I began to sweat and my head began to reel from the intoxicating situation. She took my hands into hers, pressing her arms against the sides of her breasts, making them nearly jut out of her tasteful silk blouse. She lowered her eyelids and whispered: "I have an ache for a cannoli. How does that sound?" What was I supposed to think? Was it a request for that tubular cream- filled treat, or was it a sly attempt to suggest something sexual?

"What the hell?" I thought. "I am flying home tomorrow evening. I haven't seen this woman for twenty years, and may never see her again. If she wants to fuck, I am fulfilled. If I read it wrong, what is the worst that can happen: she's going to call my mom?" I looked at her eyes. The twinkle had increased and the sparkles appeared to be dancing. Her eyebrows arched expectantly. Her foot had found its way up inside my pant leg and stroked my bare calf. I took the chance. "Check please!" I roared, even though our waiter was nowhere to be found.

Sally squeezed my hands tightly and in sotto voce hissed, "Kara took care of the check. Get me out of here before I lose my nerve."

The next several minutes are now a blur: I hugged Sally at the tableside, grabbing that fancy ass and kissing her forehead; we jogged arm-in-arm to her Lexus and I drove to my hotel, I tossed the keys t