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Helping distraught friend leads to more.

"Hands," he said, and she raised them so he could take them in his. He placed them on his belt buckle, and she began to unfasten it. She new what was coming next, and really wanted to please him. She loved him so much, and couldn't wait to feel his ecstasy when she wrapped her lips around his cock.

But, when she had undone his pants and slipped them to the ground, he gave her no such instruction; rather turned away, stepping out of his trousers and leaving her kneeling on the floor. He walked over to the box where he kept his special toys, saying,

"On all fours, my kitten. Let me see that beautiful ass of yours."

She put her hands on the ground in front of her, raising her behind, wondering what this was about. Her hair fell all around her head, so she couldn't see what he extracted from the box, but only hear his footsteps as he returned.

He sat down next to her, and started to knead her thighs and back with his hands. Then, one of his hands slid around and cupped one of her dangling breasts. His other hand caressed her bottom, and then in between her legs until it touched her pussy. Vaguely she wondered what he had brought from the box, but then he shoved two fingers in her cunt and she lost interest in anything but the feel of those fingers. He toyed with her until she could no longer control her breathing, and she was moaning quite loudly.

When she started pushing her ass against his hand, trying to get more of him in her, he pulled out his fingers, and inserted them from the front. Now, they rubbed up close and intimately with her clit, eliciting sparkling showers of pleasure to run up her body. With his other hand, he grabbed her about the shoulders, put his mouth close to her ear and whispered in his deep voice,

"You're such a sexy little kitten. So beautiful, so hot. Everyone wants to fuck you. Everyone wants to have you. But, you are only mine, aren't you, Kitten?"

"Yes, Master," she gasped.

"You're so adorable, and lovely, and such a nice little kitten, aren't you?"

The sound of his voice was making her melt, but combined with his fingers fucking her insistently, she could feel she was starting to loose control of her body. "Yes, Master," she managed.

"Such a good girl deserves a treat. What do you want?"

She hesitated. She could still remember when this was embarrassing for her, but she was way beyond that. He continued to whisper,

"A good little girl would beg for what she wants."

"Please," she managed to get out with her labored breathing, "please, Master, fuck me, please." Her mind was so lost in the sensation of his fingers on her clit, the smell from his arm, and his voice in her ear that it was surprising she managed to speak at all. "Please, fuck me, I'm begging, please..."

Suddenly he lifted her bodily off the floor, and pushed her over on her back, so she landed back on the carpet. He fell on top of her an instant later and quickly slipped his entire length into her. She arched her back as the sensation filled her pussy, and he started thrusting deep inside. He forced her arms down against the ground, and she started to spasm as the waves of her orgasm washed over her, drowning her in ecstasy.

Her master wasn't going to let her go that easily, however. She wasn't fully recovered when he pulled out and stood up. She saw his engorged member throbbing in the air above her, and realized he had not cum with her. She sat up quickly, wondering how he would take his pleasure from her, and remembering that he had not used whatever he took from the box. She saw the fire in his eyes, and worried that maybe he had taken out the crop.

He reached out and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her to her feet. He was no longer gentle. He roughly pulled his shirt from her shoulders and threw it away.

"Hands!" he barked, and she extended them timidly. She made sure her head was bowed, not wanting to cause him displeasure.

He picked up a rope from one of the chairs and bound her hands firmly together in front of her.

"Lay down in the bed," he commanded.

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