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" I countered hoping that she would willingly enter into negotiations.

I continued, "Since you need money for Spring Break, and I need for you not to share with anyone that you came into the office and found me with my door closed drinking wine and watching porn can I buy your silence for $500?"

As she pondered my initial offer, I took the opportunity to look at her for the first time since I had been absorbed with my own state of undress and general exposure to this point. What I observed was breathtaking.

On this unseasonably warm February day, Kelly wore a light cardigan sweater over a white tank top. She had a short skirt that stopped at mid-thigh and revealed most of the long legs that contributed to her successful years as a pageant participant and dancer. Seated, she denied me the pleasure of the bubbly ass that I had come to admire on the days she worked. There was a bonus. As her sweater fell open, I noticed that Kelly was not wearing a bra under her simple white tank and her pink nipples rose at the end of her perky B-cup titties for me to enjoy.

As she rolled the chair closer to where I was sitting, she responded to my offer, "$500 is very generous, but I'd like to know what is behind Door # 1", as she reached for my still open fly and grasped my cock.

The innocence of a 19-year old co-ed escaped her as the sexy warmth of her blue eyes pierced the useless defenses of this older man stoked with the fuel provided by a glass of wine, some internet porn, the sight of a gorgeous, provocatively dressed girl and now her incendiary touch. And my cock rose to the occasion.

As she continued to caress my swelling member, she asked "What would I have discovered if I had arrived unannounced at the office a few minutes later?"

Compromised in so many ways, I concluded that I should continue with an honest appraisal of how she would have found me.

"Well, Kelly, I really thought I'd be alone all afternoon. I worked until a lunch meeting and then came back to the office and opened this bottle. How rude of me, would you like to join me?" and as I asked she picked up the bottle, filled the plastic cup, swirled the red, inhaled its scent, and proceeded to drink from what was now our mutual cup.

"Thank you. Not rude at all." She quipped.

"I was warmed by the red and stirred by my choice of internet viewing so I had opened my trousers for a feel." She chose to provide a squeeze of her own as if my words were a cue.

"I was about to take off all of my clothes and had removed my shirt and undershirt when I was startled by your coming through the back door of the office. I only had time to pull on my shirts and close my office door before you were at your desk. I opened my door to greet you and had not completed my wardrobe work and my computer was still on...." I said as I turned to see a second woman feeding her breast to the executive while the other provided a masterful blow job on the glowing monitor. Not bothering to close the screen, I turned back to Kelly as she finished licking her lips.

"So, how often do you work in the nude?" Kelly queried in a not so subtle and sultry tone.

As I contemplated my response, Kelly's hand left my crotch and she shimmied out of her sweater, removing it from her arms and allowing it to pool in the chair behind her. As she slipped out of the sweater, her movements removed any doubt that she was braless under the tank top that remained.

"Do we have a deal, Kelly?" I asked again before revealing more of my guilty pleasures.

"I am still negotiating to see that I get what I want," was her answer. "Let me see how you were when I came in the office."

Without hesitating, I unbuttoned my dress shirt and removed my undershirt. She folded her arms to her chest expecting more, and I unbuckled my belt and the fastener of my pants.

"And if I had walked in five minutes later?" she encouraged.

I stood and kicked off my shoes and removed my slacks and boxers standing before her as I intended to be prior to her arrival, naked from head

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