FreeOur first week together. Sex Pics

Ancient magical artifact used in chain of seductions.

He realized that she knew what she was doing in the corner, but He decided that He was doing to make an example on this occasion.

He instructed her to stay facing the corner, telling her "don't you dare move! I shall be back." He went into His dungeon and He picked up His leash. His leash normally brought pleasure, but on this occasion it would be used to show His displeasure. He went back to the bedroom, and attached His leash onto His collar, and told His girl to crawl to Him. In His sternly tone He said, "girl, do not stand, come to me, on all fours, where you belong". They moved into the dungeon where there was a steel cage, which was high enough for her to be in a knelt position, long enough for her to kneel on her hands and knees, but not high enough for her to stand up and nor long enough to lay down. He opened the door, undid the leash and said "get in bitch to your kennel now!". The cage had previously been an object that had brought delight, but never isolation and punishment. He said "on your hands and knees bitch and don't move!"

He pulled up a stool and looked at the girl, confined. He sat down on His stool, picked up His coffee cup, and sipped His morning coffee. He lit a cigarette, drew in and slowly exhaled. His bitch, was on fours, and she waited and feeling very uncomfortable by Master's tone. He firmly stated to her "you stay, you stay still, you don't talk, there will be silence, you do not deny Master. Master will deny you." He thought, to himself, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a pound of flesh. He readjusts Himself on His stool, takes another sip of His coffee and studies the bitch, confined, being punished for disobedience. He is in control. He puffs on His cigarette, and slowly exhales, whilst He studies the form of the bitch in front of Him. He stubs out His cigarette in the ashtray, He decides He needs to think about the situation, very carefully as He was very disappointed in the girl before Him.

He tells the girl to move to the cage door and kneel, and be still. He attaches the leash, opens the cage door and leads her to the toilet, and instructs her kneel. She obediently obeys. She takes Master's cock into her hands and places it over the water and waits for Him to finish. He looks at her and says "open your mouth, you are going to be watered and clean me down." With the last few drops Master empties into her mouth, thrusting Himself down the back of her throat, she is forced to swallow. She proceeds to lick Him clean. Master tells her to remain in her position. He's not finished with her, he's not prepared to give her free reign. He instructs her to move on all fours back into the dungeon. He yanks the leash keeping firm grip as a reminder to her of the bitch that has been.

He pulls down the chain, which is attached to the ceiling rafters and attaches the end of the chain to the "d" ring on her collar. He attaches shackles to her ankles, so that every time she moves, the chain rattles. She is confined to the length of chain, to the area of the dungeon. Master instructs her to kneel, He sits down in a chair and observes the girl, who is confined by His shackles and by His chain. Confinement He thinks, suits her, and at the same time He is pleased. For earlier that day, she had denied Him. His body, she had unwittingly denied Him, and He felt denied, that His girl's body had not been made freely available to Him. His slut's body, for exclusive use by Him, when He chose. It was a privilege for her to wear His collar, and the privilege also carried a responsibility of pain and pleasure or pleasure and pain, the two go hand in hand. He has a responsibility to her to ensure that she knows her place, and that she fulfills herself and Him, in her service to Him as her Master, and she as His submissive.

As Master saw His girl, confined to the length of the chain, He said to her "girl, you know that I cannot force you to submit to Me, you must do so willingly, otherwise I have no need for you, and you have no place with Me."

The girl looked up into Master's ey