FreeRickiee's dream is fulfilled by a Dominatrix. Sex Pics

Two young women pose for pictures.

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'So tell me Yuki, what happens tonight?' I said as we were getting back in the bus.

He looked genuinely surprised. 'I cannot tell you that. It would not be a surprise and every evening is always different. Sometimes the evening goes off in a different direction to the way it has been organised. If it is going well no-one will interfere. I can tell you however that it will involve the ladies again. But this time you may not get one all to yourself. That first night was all about the customers. Now tonight you must be lucky perhaps, or maybe share. But you will still enjoy I think. And then tomorrow we meet back again at seven o'clock like this morning. I can tell you that, because it happens every morning. Obviously you do not have to come....'

I laughed. 'No I think I will be there Yuki. That was pretty amazing this morning. Did you know which girl is which as you have done the organising?'

'There you go again with more questions. Why do you need to know?'

He thought about it. 'I will tell you a little. Yes I knew which girl you had last night and I knew which room she was in. I also knew which girl each of the other guests had and which room they were in. So I did choose this morning that each of the guests and their hosts went to the room where they had no chance of meeting up with their partner of the night before.

The girls are unlikely to move rooms so tomorrow we have to risk you awakening either Mina or Akai. But if we do not know which bed they are in then maybe you will get one of the others. But if you have been lucky and fucked one at night then maybe you will get the same one again. Does it matter?'

I laughed as I realised he had given me a long convoluted explanation for his acts that really amounted to a 'What the fuck does it matter.'

I bowed in acknowledgement of his wisdom. 'You are right Yuki it really does not matter, maybe I will keep my eyes closed and I will never know.'

Now it was his turn to laugh. 'Peter-san, now I think you are beginning to understand. Perhaps we should ask them to sleep with bags over their heads so we could never tell.'

We both fell about laughing at the prospect and the journey back to the hotel quickly passed. It was gone five already. Yuki told me that the evening's entertainment started at six thirty back in the dining room in our yukatas and that I was not to be late.

Chapter 4

I am not saying that we were all keen but we were all back seated on cushions with a drink in our hands well before six thirty. Fairly promptly though at six thirty the girls, appearing sad and drawn but now in their yukatas were lined up in front of us.

Yuki walked along the row of guys offering us the choice of one of a dozen sticks from his hand.

'Gentlemen,' he said. 'The holders of those sticks with a yellow painted base please step forward and sit nearer the front please.'

I looked at mine to see nothing. I quickly looked at the guy sitting next to me who was chortling with glee to see what was meant by the yellow base. Six guys walked forward and sat, now between the rest of us and the girls.

Yuki who had also included himself in the draw but failed to draw one of the yellow sticks continued to be the Master of Ceremonies.
'Ladies, it is your first chance of the evening to try to ensure that one of our customers and staff enjoy their weekend. This is a blow-job competition. The last two to achieve the satisfaction of getting cum in their mouth will have to endure a suitable punishment. But first we would like to see you naked please. Take off your yukatas.'

The girls without exception were looking horribly reticent, shy even. They had squealed and looked horrified as they were told what the competition was to be and now that they had to remove some clothes they were mortified.

Slowly and with much nagging they had removed their yukatas and puddled them on the floor. They were all wearing bras and panties.

'Thank you, ladies.