FreeMan gets early present from 2 hot women at swingers party. Sex Pics

Peggy continues her training.

I mean, I enjoy all forms of straight sex, but, this obsession I have about ladies' breasts, were to govern my sexual actions the rest of my life.

"OHHHH GOD!! YOUR COCK IS SOOOOOOOO HOT BETWEEN MY TITS!!" she moaned. 'Squish... squish... squish,' was the sound of meat sliding through and against meat, and, it only raised our sexual excitement.

"CUM HOOT!! CUM!!" Monica urged. I knew it wouldn't be long now. The tingle in my balls were at it's strongest, and, usually, when this happens, my juice is not long in squirting.

It was incredible, seeing how large her tits were in comparison to the rest of her body. I kinda new, there would be few times during the rest of my life that I would enjoy breast-balling to the extent I was now.

"GET... READY!! GETTTTTTT... RRREEEAAAADDDDYYYY!!" I hollered out, warning her. Faster, she whipped her encircling big tits down and up my shaft! "UUUHHHHHHHH!!" I hollered, and, Monica knew I was extremely close to exploding!

"EMPTY THOSE BIG BALLS, HOOT!! EMPTY... THEM!!" she said and she continued her dirty talk.

"Spurt... that delicious... nectar... down my... throat!! SPURT IT BABY!! SPURT IT!!"

"HERE... IT... IS!! HERE IT... ISSSSSSSSS!! AAAARRR- RRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!" came out of my mouth like an alien from another planet!!

The sensation began by overtaking my entire body! It was like every nerve ending was alive to it, and, the wonderful euphoria of my climax swept over me, making it hard to breathe!!

My shaft... kicked... between her tits, and, I was so far up her body, the big tip was rubbing against her cheek! She, immediately, moved it inside her lips, and, as she felt the first, monstrous gush, Monica exploded as well! It seemed like we were in complete sync with each other when my cock jumped to release it's burden, making Monica's climax coincide with my own!

This went on for 45 seconds, as she fondled my heavy, but, lighten- ing balls and when it was over, if it could be measured, it would show that I had released close to 13 ounces of heavy, thick, smooth, sweet gism.

Afterward, Monica shook her head in disbelief when she realized virtually no man could produce so much sperm. She folded her hand around my cock, saying, "You are still very hard, Hoot!"

"Monica... I want to deposit a load like the last one, inside you!"

"Oh God... yes!! Yes... Hoot!!" She moved so that she was lying right beside me, and, on one elbow, I moved my head and kissed her! Very softly, at first, but then the intensity of our kisses increased. She whipped her tongue in my mouth, bit, lightly, my lip and then we were french-kissing, both of us eager to make our union a reality.

I moved my hand down over her big, humongous tits, rubbing the tit- flesh, and, pinching her nipples. Then, I moved my body so that I was over her. She spread her legs wide to allow me to start the love-making.

As I gently kissed her face, her eyes, her nose, I felt her hand down at my crotch! She placed her hand on the big tip, and, slowly, and carefully, she moved it against her slit, her juices spreading all over the tip. She moved it up and down, and, side to side, as she pulled on it, and, both of us gasped at the same time, when the huge tip spread her cuntal lips and slipped inside of her.

She pushed with her right hand to roll me over. I realized she wanted to be on top. I obliged her, rolling over onto my back, while still reigning kisses all over her face.

"Fuck me, Hoot! Go nice and easy and feed every single lovely inch to my hungry pussy!"

I did this, and, our bodies writhed on the bed, inch after inch slipping along her tight, gripping cuntal walls! More and more, I pumped it to her! She felt some pain, but, it soon gave way to a feeling of unabashed ecstasy. She loved it as my veiny shaft slipped into her, rubbing her g-spot, and, automatically, her depths were milking my dick, wanting more in her! I was about half-way inserted into her, and, her probing fingers told her what was remaining.