FreeAsleep in a hostel dorm, a load of pissed Aussie girls enter. Sex Pics

An intimate few minutes at the point of orgasm.

He was bringing out the best in her, some fresh youthful essence in her not used in a while but obviously never forgotten.

And Jason was all too aware that he was hard as a rock and straining against his jeans.

The anonymous male suddenly walked up close to Jason's mom. Jason got a good look at him. He was floored to realize the guy couldn't be more than five years older than he was. And he was a good looking guy, even though Jason was straight you could tell those things. Jason was surprised his mom would be interested in younger men.

"Kerri," the guy spoke softly. "Look. I really like you. I know you've been going through a hard time. Why don't we do exactly what we both want to do. I know you want it. It's written all over your face."

Jason watched the play of emotion on his mother's unforgettable, gorgeous face. A look came across it suddenly, and Jason knew he'd never forget that look. The lust and desire was written all over her features.

She stared up at the guy and questioned softly, "What do you want?"

The guy answered by taking his thumb and caressing her bottom lip with it, which was full and plump and sensuous and... Juicy looking.

The guy inhaled and exhaled slowly. Then he said to Jason's mother, "I want to fuck the shit out of you."

And Jason's breathing grew shallow and ragged.

"Please yes," Jason heard his young mother whisper. "But first I want to suck your dick."

Jason couldn't help opening the mini blinds a fraction more. Though it was hardly noticeable to them, if it would be noticeable at all, he was awarded a full uncompromising view of the scene. He was only too aware of his dick almost painfully hard within the tight confines of his jeans. It felt like it had been a while since he'd jerked off, though it had probably been just that morning. His balls ached and felt swollen and near to bursting with cum.

He was also aware of the new thoughts he was having about his mother. Sure, over the course of his life there had been tiny isolated moments of arousal which he just assumed were his body's natural response to female flesh. A morning his mom had bent over him sleepily to pour him orange juice, a tantalizing glimpse of the top of one of her round, soft looking, white breasts... The time he'd barged into the hall bathroom and she'd just wrapped a towel around her wet body, and he'd been momentarily arrested by the sight of her long, shapely legs dripping with tiny water droplets, her smooth firm calves, her pretty delicate feet with their hot pink toenail polish... But... Nothing before like this.

Tonight, his mom was young and fresh and carefree, and overwhelmingly sexy and lush and feminine. She almost looked like a young girl in the porn videos. She wore high heeled black strap sandals that only accentuated the luscious, delicious curves of her legs...

And as he watched his mother suddenly sink to her knees in front of the younger guy and begin unbuckling his belt like a porn pro, Jason couldn't help unbuckling his own belt quietly, and reaching inside to pull out his brick hard, pulsing, straining, thick cock.

He had to stifle a groan of pure lust as he watched the woman who gave birth to him lick and suck and tongue the younger guy's rather large, heavy balls. Jason was floored to realize his mom gave great head. The younger guy began to moan softly. "Oh God, yeah... Yeah, that's it, Kerri. Suck and lick my balls."

Jason massaged his own balls as he watched his mom practically swallow the young guy's nuts whole. His mom let out a sexy delicious Mmmmm.

When Jason's mother finally got around to the younger guy's rather long dick, which seemed so erect it was curved almost straight up in the air, Jason knew he had to stroke himself carefully.