A sensual sauna encounter. Porn Video

An average marriage takes a hard fall.

He felt Olivia's hand leave his cock and he opened his eyes to see Olivia taking her pants and her panties off and throwing them behind her. She quickly climbed on top of Jay and.

She straddled Jay on the couch, her pretty pussy hovering inches away from Jay's long meat stick.

As she braced herself with one hand against Jay's shoulder while grabbing his cock with the other, Jay gripped both her firm ass cheeks tightly, partially to help her keep some balance, and partially to play with her ass while she aimed her wet pussy at his cock.

They looked into each other's eyes and both held their breath as Olivia slowly began to lower herself, the tip of Jay's cock spearing her pussy open, stretching her folds as inch after inch of Jay's meat sank into her. Olivia's head fell back and she moaned as she dropped further down onto Jay.

"Fuuuuck!" Olivia gasped, her voice vibrant with pleasure as she sank into Jay's lap, his fingers dug into her ass cheeks, spreading it wide to allow her to sink as deep as she could go.

"Shit..." she whispered when her pussy lips were finally wrapped around the base of Jay's cock and she stopped for a second, staring deep into his eyes as he was buried to the hilt inside of her.

Olivia took Jay by surprise by leaning forward and pressing her lips against his in a passionate kiss. Jay was shocked, but immediately responded, kissing her soft lips back, almost gently, taking the time to enjoy her perfect mouth on his.

After almost thirty seconds of slowly making out, Olivia began to roll her hips, starting to ride Jay with long, slow strokes. Each time almost allowing him to slip out of her pussy before moving back down, her hands bracing against his shoulders while his were still playing with her butt.

With a soft moan she then broke the kiss, Olivia closed her eyes and slowly began to pick up a little pace, her breath coming in short, guttural moans.

As Olivia continued to ride Jay skillfully, he carefully let go of her bouncing ass and moved his hands up her sides, grabbing the hem of her shirt and pulling it off, exposing her tight, flat tummy and her braless breasts.

Jay licked his lips as he savored every detail of the sexy blonde's perky tits, the natural bounce, her stiff, little nipples and their sublime roundness.

"Enjoying them?" Olivia asked.

Jay looked up to find that Olivia had opened her eyes and was looking at him with an amused smirk, obviously proud of her set.

"They are amazing!" Jay complimented, unable to be anything but honest, which turned her smirk into a full-on smile.

Jay then wrapped his left arm around her naked body and pulled her close into a kiss, his left hand once again squeezed her right butt-cheek while his right hand fondled her bare tits, the manhandling caused Olivia to moan out louder and her hips started to roll faster, the sound of flesh hitting flesh filling the room. Jay started nibbling on her nipples and it seemed to have had an amazing affect on Olivia.

"I'm so close. Don't stop please don't stop." Olivia moaned.

Jay did as Olivia asked and seconds later, he felt a rush of wetness coating his cock and balls. Olivia's juices spilled out and her pussy clenched tightly around Jay's cock.

Jay grabbed her hips and stood up and walked to Olivia's makeup desk. He turned her around and bent her over and looked in the mirror in front of them.

She made an incredible erotic sight, her naked ass thrust out, face flushed and her previously perfectly styled hair already disheveled.

Grabbing my cock around the base Jay took position right behind her. Jay was about to push his dick when he saw Olivia's big, hazel eyes staring back at him in the mirror, he couldn't help but tease her a little further. Jay began to slap the underside of my dick against the soft, moist lips of Olivia's pussy, making the blonde actress whimper in frustration.

"Stop teasing!" she whined, wiggling her butt enticingly, "Stick it in already!"

Unable to keep this up any longer, Jay complied, placing the head of hi

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