FreeThey explore the basement together. Sex Pics

Story continues - passive cuckold husband.

"I am. How did you hear about that?"

Harriet was surprised that Jessica answered at all, but the casual reaction was more surprising.

"Well, they were in here buying stuff, and they were telling another guy what they did with you. The other guy was this Italian guy in a suit that wanted to hear every detail, so we overhead a lot."

Kale looked at her harshly, "How can you do something like that? Aren't you disgusted?"

Jessica leaned into the girl's pale face and smiled, "it takes a certain flexibility, and I am never disgusted, just in a state of constant pleasure. Is that wrong?"

This seemed to confuse both girls. "If I enjoy something and it hurts no one, is there a reason I should be limited to only doing it when its offered? Is there a reason that you shouldn't be able to cum as much as you want."

"Well, I guess not," Harriet said, somewhat confused.

Jessica walked around the counter blocking the path of the two women. "So for instance, let's say you wanted to cum right now and I wanted to help, is there any reason we shouldn't?"

Harriet was overwhelmed, confused, but so hot she felt she might pass out. Jessica had moved right in front of where she was sitting on her stool.

"Well I guess, not, but the store is open and, uh, um..." She was lost.

Jessica turned to Kale, "Hey emo, go lock the door." Jessica wasn't typically interested in girls this young, but she was excited by Harriet's long thin body. So as Kale rushed to lock the door, Jessica moved her body next to Harriet's and growled into her ear, "I am going to make you cum harder than you ever have in your life. You are going to love it! When I am done, you are going to be open to every opportunity to cum that comes to you. Is that what you want."

"Yes" was all she could say in response.

Jessica slipped her hand straight up Harriet's light skirt and grabbed her panties, pulling them down her long legs. She began at the calves and kissed and licked her way up to her thighs. She loved the softness of her skin and the muscles of her leg. She moved Harriet to the edge of the stool so that both her butt and pussy were exposed. Harriet lay back against the register already on the brink of her first orgasm. Jessica could feel the women on the edge and wasted no time in pushing her over. The poor girl had never cum that hard in her life. Her whole body was shaking, and the pleasure rushed from her feet to her head, and she nearly collapsed.

However, Jessica wasn't done, not by a long shot. Harriet, adjusted herself back up as Jessica continued to work on her pussy. She moved her tongue from her pussy to her ass and back again. She had never had any experience with a woman, never let anyone touch her behind, and here she was doing both, and she loved it!

Jessica slid a finger inside Harriet who responded with an orgasm instantly. The way her body was responding drove Jessica made with passion, and she went to work on her with fever. Her fingers pounded the girl's ass and pussy over and over again to one massive orgasm after another. Her fingers were soaked as was the floor, but it seemed as if this woman could cum forever and she loved it!

Harriet was in heaven. While sucking on her clit, Jessica had two, then three fingers pounding into her ass and Harriet had never felt anything so wonderful. Harriet looked up for a moment and saw a site that pushed her over the edge again. Kale was up on top of the counter, with her shirt raised and her skirt on the floor, with one leg up on the back counter. She had one of her small breasts in her hand and was sucking her own nipple. Her other hand was so far up her pussy you could barely see her wrists. She was staring straight at Harriet while she masturbated herself. Harriet stared right into Kale's eyes as another orgasm took them both.

Finally, Jessica slowed down. She removed her fingers and stood at the depleted body of Harriet. "Did that seem wrong to you?"

Harriet could only grin, "No.