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A new employee and a black supervisor.

Hearing the passion in his voice and the eager touching brought me higher still feeling euphoric it was so easy to just succumb to his words, his touch. "I know what you need, let me do this for you."

"Yes" was all I said and my eyes closed and my body turned to fire. The feeling of his body sliding over mine, his fingers entwined with mine his hardness pressing into my groin was beautiful, he could show me such tenderness and at the same time command my every feeling to be just as he chooses it to be. Kissing the tops of my shoulders and my throat where he knows I love to be kissed brought soft moans into the room.

With my arousal growing my actions becoming faster and harsher he so patiently slowed the pace, "Easy go easy baby there is no hurry." Rolling over onto his back taking me with him I could feel my breasts pressed firmly down against his chest while his hands felt smooth across my back moving up to my shoulders and down cupping my ass.

Our bodies grinding together, such a teasing dance one that felt so good. His hands now cupping my face so tenderly as he placed the lightest kisses upon my lips, between each carefully placed kiss whispering my name.

Bending his knee upward he pressed between my legs and I could feel the wetness begin to flow more freely and I could feel the way his leg slid so easily in the juices. Rubbing back and forth I pressed hard down onto his knee teasing even more. I wanted to feel him inside so badly, "Not yet baby" and he continued kissing so softly now sucking my tongue deeply into his mouth and licking across my bottom lip still holding my face so gently.

Sitting up now and my legs wrapping around his hips, he pulled me closer, and once again began kissing the front of my throat I do so love that. Feeling. His hard shaft up flat against his tummy I pulled closer to him raising my hips to slide along this flesh touching the places I so needed touched.

He gently began pushing against my shoulders telling me to lay back. Laying on my back now my legs pressed against each hip I felt his hand touch my skin running along the crease at the top of my leg then up a little higher. Keeping my eyes closed I became totally consumed in this feeling.

When his hands reached my breasts and his palms touched flat against my erect nipples I could feel the stirring from deep inside of my body. Touching my breasts so sensually and touching lightly across my nipples encouraged my body to move wanting to feel more feel him deep. "Please" the word was my pleading.

His hands running down my sides now across my ribs to my hips and to my thighs I needed him to touch me so badly, "please" once more whispered. I felt the heel of his hand press onto my pubic bone sending shivers through my body as I lifted to press against his hand. With one finger running up and down the sensitive skin inside my thigh I felt his hand go lower and cup across my throbbing mound.

His hand so carefully touching and his finger just barely touching the folds enclosing my swollen clitoris moving up and down so lightly so not to penetrate. I felt a finger slide the folds apart and the wetness run freely across his hand. Spreading the juices from my anus to my pubic bone. His actions so slow they were maddening.

I lifted my arms and laid them down stretched above my head and my eyes remained closed so taken in by the sensations I was feeling not wanting them to stop. With one hand he held the folds apart and with the other circled a finger around the hard clitoris slowly then sliding down and slipping a finger deep inside of me then moving it in and out then back up to my clitoris. Then two fingers, a little faster, then three.

My legs lifted and my feet pressed against each shoulder he continued this wonderful touching and my arousal peeking even further.