FreeRevenge isn't always as sweet as it is expected to be. Sex Pics

What happens to him when she sheds her inhibition.

Encouraged by the smile Brent said, "It was a lovely kiss. May I steal another?"

She didn't comment nor did her expression change so Brent kissed her, properly this time, and kept on kissing till her eyes finally closed and he felt her grip on his arm tighten.

"Like that?" he asked, breaking away.

"Rarely had better," she said guardedly. "My husband Ralph is out of town for a couple of days. "I suppose you'll want to take advantage of the situation?"

Brent attempted to look innocent: "Who, me? That's not my style. My wife has library committee meeting tomorrow evening. Could I take you somewhere for a drink tomorrow after work?"

That lit Tracy's eyes. "How lovely. Yes, I'll meet you there - that same bar on the waterfront?"

"Yes. It would appear to be a business drink to anyone who recognizes either of us."

Brent contained himself and every Friday after work for five weeks they met just for a drink, not even a knee touch or a foot rub. They were now talking intimately and on that fifth Friday Brent sensed Tracy was bursting to be consumed by an affair. But he remained steadfast, sticking to his strategic plan: she must suggest a meeting place for the liaison. That evening her eagerness broke through.

"My husband leaves this evening for two nights in Christchurch. We have a beach house up north - would you care to accompany me there in the morning?"

Brent had to steel himself to decline - oh, it was so perfect as Rachel was driving that evening to a library conference at Taupo. "I'm sorry, my wife wants me to accompany her to Lake Taupo for some event - she doesn't like driving after dark so I have to take her. The welcoming cocktail party starts at 9:00 tonight. That of course was a lie - it was a working conference, librarians only, with delegates traveling in twos or more to increase the intensity of fellowship.

It thrilled him to see the disappointment in Tracy's eyes. He reached across to hold her hand. She squeezed it and then kissed it - the first physical intimacy from her. Tracy was ripe and ready for bed.

She'd given Brent her business card a couple of weeks earlier. Tracy was a self-employed resource management consent/environment protection management consultant. Brent waited till 6:00 before calling her.

"Hi, it's Brent. Where are you?"

"Just about to turn on to the harbor bridge approach in Ponsony."

"I'm at home - we found out at the last minute that it's a delegates-only conference; we were guilty of not reading the registration form and my resigstration was mistakenly accepted."

"So where does that leave you?"

"At home, facing a lonely weekend."

Brent heard Tracy suck in her breath. "Give me your address; I'm on my way to collect you."

He thanked her and once off the phone yelled in glee; it had taken lies and tactics but after his initial heartless attempt to initiate an affair he had it back on track; although Tracy might not like him for his deceit. On the other hand what she was about to get from him would more than compensate.

He slipped into her vehicle, throwing his soft bag on to the back seat, saying, "Isn't this a miracle; she held up her lips to be kissed, very smiling and slightly opened lips. Not unexpectedly they kissed without heated passion and as the kiss continued Brent slipped down a hand to cup a breast for the first time.

"Wow - firmish, feels beautifully formed and I think the nipple is rising."

"Ohmigod," she said, running her tongue tip across his lips. Affix your seat belt and let's be going."

Chatting excitedly like teenagers going to a school ball, they headed north out of Orewa for Wellsford where Tracy planned to stop for dinner.

"Do we really want to simmer for a hour in a seedy restaurant or should you buy a couple of pizzas while I hunt out a couple of bottles of wine? Brent asked.

She smiled and chose pizzas to reheat afterwards.

"After what?" he replied slyly.

She was up to a strong reply: "Whatever you chose as pre-dinner activity."

"I rather like you - you have class."

She sighed and said that was