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Blackmailing the goddess.

"Have a good one for me," shouted one. "Get your knickers off," cried another and Lauren blushed as laughter rang out. "They're just jealous," she muttered to herself. She was so elated to have been picked out from the crowd.

She was ushered to the rear of the stage, then, onto the dressing room area. Her eyes widened in wonder as she saw Carlos standing in a short red bathrobe waiting to meet her. He was so handsome with his blue eyes and curly black hair. She was mesmerized.

He started chatting to her, but, she was so star struck she couldn't speak.

"Come with me," he said taking her by the wrist and guiding her through to a small but well-furnished dressing room.

He needed to come down from the incredible high he was experiencing after the concert. It was always the same on these occasions. And, for him, sex was usually the answer.

"Oh, but you are soaked," he said in a strong Spanish accent, his fingers brushing her wet T shirt. "You will catch pneumonia, yes? Here let me help."

He tugged it up and over her head and she helped him get it off without thinking.

She was acting like a zombie.

As he pulled it away, her bare breasts tumbled back against her chest and Carlos watched with fascination. They were so beautiful.

Then hot-blooded, he was kissing her mouth, her breasts, her nipples and she was dazed and breathless. Shortly afterwards, his hand slyly wandered up under her skirt and she jumped, as he zeroed into her panties.

She opened her mouth to protest, but, his mouth covered hers and she felt a shock go through her system as their tongues met and jousted in another long kiss.

"Oh..." she gasped trying to get her breath and composure. But, his fingers were inside her panties now and had expertly located her clitoris.

Lauren gasped again as she realized she was very quickly becoming aroused.

She was being expertly seduced by her Spanish heartthrob.

She knew she should tell him to stop, but, found that she couldn't. Nothing was coming out of her kiss smothered mouth. She was star struck and helpless.

So Carlos, continued his relentless probing of her pussy and the kissing her throbbing nipples. He wasn't giving her a second to think.

"Oh Carlos," she groaned, "please, we shouldn't..."

But, he was grinning, as he kept on kissing and fondling her. He was confident of the conquest. His tongue flicked over her tortured nipples and his fingers worked their magic deep inside her wet pussy. Then he eased down her pink panties with not a murmur of dissent from his lovely blonde fan. Her skirt came off next as a grinning Carlos unzipped her as if daring her to stop him. She didn't.

The Spaniard was jubilant, as he edged towards the complete seduction of his lovely prey. He had seen her from the moment she made her way down to the front, noted her excellent long legs, the delicate sway of her walk and her long blonde hair. Then as the concert progressed, he had watched fascinated as the rain soaked her T shirt and he could see her nipples and the outline of her large breasts very plainly through the wet material. He nearly had a full erection right there on stage. Fortunately, he had managed to keep it at bay and then go on to sing another few songs. It was just as well the words of the songs came automatically to him and the wild applause told him it had been a great success.

He had been so glad when she had agreed to come up and meet him. Now, all he wanted to do was fuck her. She was such a pretty woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and "Mamma Mia" what a body.

He kept up his assault on her while she whimpered her futile protests. But, he had fucked dozens like her in similar circumstances and would not stop until he was fucking her too. As always, he would be using condoms.

He kissed her neck and fingered her repeatedly, his instincts and her love juice on his fingers telling him she was more than ready for penetrative sex.

"No, I'm married"... she gasped desperately, as she passed the point of no return.

"And I don't give a shit", snorted Carlos in Spanish, as he eased his r