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My mom spoke.

'Yes of course. She's been your friend since you were just starting school,' my mom said.

'Yeah... Well...'

I suddenly became very distracted by my phone. It kept beeping with notifications and messages.

I looked at it from the corner of my eye, shocked to see the results of why it wears going off so much.

From what I could see, it was only one thing.

'Thought you could block me huh? I have a different phone to contact you'

'I know you're there reading my texts'

'Katie. Katie. Katie. Katie'

I trailed off on my sentence mid way. My mom looked confused.

'Oh my gosh, who's texting you so many times?' she asked, looking over.

I immediately turned my phone over.

'Ugh... Nothing... It's just ... One of my friends...'

'Oh, okay. But anyways, what did you want to tell me?' my mom asked, coming back to the situation.

'Right... Well... Lizzy and I ...'

My mom looked at me, awaiting my response.

'I... I love her...' I said with a shaky voice.

My mom looked at me with a blank face.

'Katie... You what?' my mom asked, leaning closer.

'I love her mom. I'm dating her now. I have been for the past month and a half...' I said, looking down into my lap.

'Wow... Lizzy?' my mom asked.

'Lizzy,' I stated.

'Is it not... Weird? You two have known each other for so long,' my mom asked.

'No mom, something has never felt so right...' I said, explaining myself.

'Well, how is it going so far, I guess I should ask?' my mom asked, looking at me.

'It's great so far, she's perfect and treats me so right,' I said.

'And you love her?' my mom asked.

I nodded.

I do.

'Okay, well as long as you're happy. Just be careful... What if things don't work out? Will you still have her as a friend?' my mom asked, curiously.

'We've talked about this. If something happens, we are just going to try to work with and through it,' I said.

'Okay. Are you happy with her Katie?' my mom asked, getting up.

Again, I nodded.

I am.

'Okay, that's all that matters. I guess I'm just a bit shocked because of how long you've known her, but you can't help who you love,' my mom said.

I looked at her.

You really can't help who you love.

'Thank you for telling me sweetie. And has Nathan listened and kept his distance like he's supposed to?' my mom asked, looking at my phone.

I know she knows something is up.

'Ugh yeah, of course, why wouldn't he?' I asked, hoping I didn't look too obvious.

'Just wondering. People can break restarting orders in the blink of an eye,' my mom said.

'I don't think we have to worry about that,' I said nervously.

'Okay, thank you again sweetie,' she leaned over and kissed my forehead.

'Thank you for listening and understanding,' I said, offering a small smile.

'Oh anything for you Katie,' she said, smiling then leaving my room, closing my door.

Suddenly I didn't know what to do. Nathan is still constantly texting me. I looked to see that I had 28 unread texts from him.

I can't talk back because that's the kind of attention he wants.

I can't talk back because then I'd be going against the restraining order...

Oh if only Lizzy could come over right now... I know she would be here in a heartbeat...

I awoke suddenly with my phone still in my hand.

I didn't even know I fell asleep...

I looked at the clock and it read 2:34 AM.

And I was out for a few hours.

There were another 34 unread texts.

From Nathan...

What is he thinking? Is he asking to be arrested?

My phone beeped with another text, and I hoped it wasn't Nathan.

Thank God, it's Lizzy.

'Best shower orgasm ever'

I smiled. She always makes me smile.

'Good to hear. Lizzy can I please call you?'

'Yes, of course. Is everything alright?'

I immediately called her, and she picked up on the first ring.


'I'm here,' she said.

I took in a deep breath.

'Is everything okay?' she asked.

'Lizzy... It's Nathan...'

'What?' she asked, with a solid tone.

'It's Nathan.