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In which the writer is taken and enjoyed.

Closing her eyes, she slid it between her lips, imagining it was Greg's cock. The plant slid over her tongue and caressed the back of her throat. She withdrew it reluctantly. Unlike Greg's cock, this plant wouldn't feed her mouth with sweet cum. After a moment's hesitation she slid its wet surface down her bare body, away from her face.

It slid in ever better the second time, if that was possible. It was cool to the touch, and that should have quenched her own growing heat, but instead the alien plant sliding deep into her pussy excited her blackly. Its ridges tugged at her pussy lips as each inch slid into her, and she gripped her pussy walls tightly around it to better feel it slid in to rest against her cervix. Her one hand slid it in and out of her eager pussy with painful slowness while the other at last began to caress her now-throbbing clitoris. The zuke filled her completely, and she was forced to use saliva on her clit as she pumped faster and faster. The plant felt wonderful, heavenly, the ridges seeming to throb in time to her heated gasps.

At last she could stand no more. Collapsing to the grass, Jennifer writhed in ecstasy as her climax took her. Somehow her rhythm never faltered, the alien plant penetrating her over and over as her body rocked in mindless pleasure. It went on and on, until at last she collapsed, limp, on the alien grass, the plant still buried deeply within her vagina.

*Well, that was really something. If Greg doesn't show up tonight, I know where I'm coming.* And coming was the right word, that was for sure. Her entire body seemed exhausted with the force of her orgasm. She stretched, then frowned. Had the plant moved? Both of her hands were free of it, lying limp on the grass. And yet...yes, there it was. The plant was pulsating, sliding in and out of her vagina in small, slight strokes. *God. What did I do to it? I hope it wasn't getting ready to seed or something.* She knew very little about plants, save that they were good to eat and that at least one could make you come your brains out.

The strokes continued, and at first she wasn't concerned. The movements were almost too small to notice, and plants moved every day, didn't they? Flowers opened and closed, plants moved to follow the sun's light.

And this one was moving to fuck her.

She blinked at sat up. Sure enough, the space zuke was now sliding in and out of her vagina with some speed, moving an inch out, an inch in. Then two. Then, while she was watching, it pulled out all the way, apparently drawn back by the cord still attaching it to the main plant.

*Guess that's over wiiiittttttth!* She bucked in surprise as the space zuke slammed back into her, penetrating her completely and slamming against the head of her cervix before withdrawing to penetrate her again. It was moving with just barely less force than would cause her pain. She scooted backward on her butt and the plant followed, remorselessly fucking her all the while. A moment later her back was against the giant eggplant and there was nowhere left to go.

"Okay, that's enough." It kind of felt good, but the idea was just a little too weird. Jennifer grabbed the zuke with both hands and pulled. It was slick with her juices, and she was still struggling with it when leafy green vines from the same plant entwined themselves around her ankles. More surrounded her wrists and pulled her hands away. They have a sudden hard jerk and she found herself flat on her back, legs spread, the space zucchini enthusiastically fucking her.

"Um, somebody?" But of course no one worked this shift, the one arbitrarily designated graveyard, ship's time.