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Contented family man risks everything on a vision.

"Very good, James. But who am I?"

"Well judging from the facts in front of me. Giggly voice. Penchant for the dramatic. Strong fingers... Charlotte?" James guessed. He was 90% sure at this stage.

"Strong fingers?" she said, huffing as she moved her hands from his eyes. James turned to view his tormentor, confirming that it was indeed his old colleague from the restaurant, Charlotte Younger. She was the same age as James and had worked at the restaurant to fund her way through her medical degree. She was short, at around 5ft4, but not petite. Despite not having much in the chest department, there was always something about Charlotte that made James wonder what it would be like to fuck her. "Where on Earth did you get 'Strong Fingers' from?". She went to grab a seat next to James as the other restaurant staff went back to their conversations.

"You tell me" James laughed, holding up two fingers together in a provocative manner and grinning from ear to ear. A rosy blush started spreading across her cheeks, offsetting her dark brown hair.

"Asshole!" she exclaimed, punching James in the shoulder. She followed it up with a hug. "So how've you been?"

James and Charlotte started to catch up over a drink or two, recollecting days gone by and finding out what each other have been up to since they'd last spoken. Char had asked how things were going with Julie and he filed her in on how much of a slut she was. He'd forgotten that one of his 'mates', Tim, who she'd slept with, was Charlotte's ex. They'd not been together when he and Julie had hooked up, but it enraged Charlotte nevertheless.

"What a bellend!" she said. "I knew he was a twat when I dumped him but I never thought he'd do that to a mate!"

"Me neither, Though to be fair we weren't technically going out, so I can't blame them"

"What do you mean?" She asked. "I thought you two had been together for a while?"

James described how the relationship with Julie was mainly a sex thing. Neither of them had time for a relationship, so whenever they found a rare moment of time together, they'd usually find their way back to her flat and relieve a bit of stress. Only James made the mistake of thinking he was the only outlet for her. How wrong he was.

"Wow!" Charlotte gasped. "So you were just fuck buddies?"

"Yeah, I guess so, when you put it like that."

"Still though, I can't believe that asshat Tim ruined it for you!"

"Like I said, it wasn't just Tim."

"Still though, I feel like we should get back at him somehow!" Charlotte looked over at James and blushed slightly, as if she'd just thought of something that embarrassed her. James thought he knew what that might be and decided to pursue it.

"So, you a fan of the cycling gear then?" he teased.

"Hell yeah, when I saw you this morning I nearly wolf whistled, before I recognised you! I didn't realise you'd gotten so fit!" she twitched as she finished her sentence, blushing again as she realised what she'd just said. James smiled.

Last orders were being called at the bar and James had started to gather his things as the staff started to leave. Charlotte waited until the others were out of earshot. "Listen" she said quietly. "If you still want to get back at Julie and Tim, come round to mine tonight!"

James almost had to double take. Charlotte had never seemed like the kind of girl to be so forward. He knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. "What did you have in mind?"

"Just bring your cycling gear and be at mine in 15minutes" she said, playfully slapping James on the arse and walking out of the pub. 'Where the fuck had that come from?" he thought. Without hesitating, he grabbed his things and headed to the pubs toilets to get changed.


Arriving at Charlotte's flat, he locked his bike up and pressed the buzzer.

Quicker than he had expected, the intercom buzzed and the door latch was unlocked.

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