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Tarnish on the golden boy.

For a very strange moment I thought she was going to kiss me and I wondered how I would react if she did. Then as soon as the thought was there, the moment was gone and she stepped away letting her hands fall from my shoulders. They brushed momentarily against my breasts as she retreated towards her shower and my nipples sprang up into two hard buds as my cheeks flushed pink.

I stood under my shower, my over-sensitive nipples hidden from her view and watched Claire as she began to wash her body, suddenly unable to take my eyes off her. She was tall and athletic with a thin waist and slightly muscular arms as she flexed them to rub the soap through her jet black bobbed hair. She turned towards me and smiled.

"See anything you like?" She joked, turning towards me and pushing her breasts together with the palms of her hands. I turned away embarrassed. "Well at least staring at me made you shut up about that bloody ref." She continued, now staring straight back as if waiting for a response. I turned away to hide my glowing face. I had no idea what was going on. I'd been playing hockey with Claire for four years, we'd shared showers, beds, drinks but...I don't know if it was the anger putting my emotions on edge, but I couldn't meet her eyes, but couldn't take them off her body either. Eventually, I tore my gaze away from her and turned away. This time when I felt her hands on my shoulders, I leant back slightly into her touch as her fingers began to work sensuously into my flesh.

"For a crazy moment just then, I thought you were going to kiss me." I giggled. "How mad is that?" Claire turned me around and once again I found myself looking up into her deep green eyes.

"What, like this." She said and gently pressed her lips against mine, before pulling away with an audible smack. I stood breathless and stared open mouthed, whilst she simply giggled at my reaction. Then without another word, she simply pressed her lips up against mine and I felt her tongue immediately searching frantically in my mouth.

She crushed her breasts against me and held me so close I could smell her skin, still tinged with her unique womanly scent yet mixed with just a little tangy zest from her shampoo. She slipped her hand up from my shoulder and held the back of my neck, holding me tightly in a determined grip, before her hand snaked up through my hair and locked me in place, her lips sealed against mine.

The fingertips of her spare hand ran delicately down my back, chased by a cool shiver that ignited every nerve ending she touched causing my juices to rise until I couldn't believe just how horny I felt. When her hand reached my bum, she squeezed it between her fingers until her nails dug into my skin.

Buoyed by my lack of resistance she moved her second hand to my cheek and as she held my head softly she kissed me passionately. I heard her groan as she pushed her tongue inside me and her rising passion served only to push my own sultry desire higher.

Her hand crept from my face, down my neck to my shoulder where it lingered briefly before wandering carefully down to my breast. She cupped it in one hand, the second still gently massaging my buttock, and slowly squeezed. My heart thundered until I could feel my pulse hammering in my temples.

Claire finally broke the kiss and as we both stood gasping for air, I stared deep into her emerald green eyes.

"You okay?" Claire whispered, her voice barely audible above the splash of water against the tiles. I nodded mutely.

"I didn't know you were..." I spluttered.

"You know I'm not."

"I've never kissed another..."

"Neither have I."

"Where the hell is everyone?" I said, but Claire just shrugged.

The silence was punctuated only by the splatter of water as we stood and stared at each other in limbo, then Claire kissed me again, her soft lips pressing against mine as I stood mutely with my hands still just draped over her shoulders.

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