FreeWhen the cards are in your favor, bet it all. Sex Pics

Making love before he leaves.

Jenkins." I said.

"Oh it's all right Jeff. Why don't you go ahead with your shower? I'm just going to look over a couple floor plans." She said. "Aren't you getting cold standing there with the door open?"

"Gee, I didn't notice" I said. I took a gulp. I realized she was waiting to check me out. She must have had a great view of my ass when she came in and wanted to see more.

I moved slowly away from the fridge and she giggled, "do you wear those pants in front of my daughter? No wonder she let's you use her shower. I'd love a man of your size in mine!"

"He he," I chuckled unsure of what to say next.

"I'm glad she found an well-endowed guy. If my husband was a little bigger maybe he still be my husband. Well, you can take your cute college boy butt to the shower. I'll be out here if you need anything holler."

"Uh, ok" I said as a stammered off to the shower trying to fight off an erection caused by her viewing my cock and making her comments.

As I walked to the shower I noticed her in the mirror staring at my butt as I walked away. I was getting a little too turned on by this 55-year-old.

"Hey Jeff!" She called as I was entering the bathroom.


"How big are you?" She asked.

"Well, I'm about 6'1"...."

"No I can see how big you are, but how big is your cock?"

"What? I, uh, I guess" I stammered.

She got up from her chair and approached me. "I haven't seen one in awhile; well not a regular man's anyway. I saw of few of the boys while they changed in the locker room and some of my teacher friend's went to a male revue last weekend, but those guys just got down to their g-strings. Oh, I'm sorry, this really isn't appropriate," she said.

"Uh, it's ok," I assured her.

"Does my daughter get any action from that concealed weapon you carry? It's ok to tell me I hope she is having fun."

"Well, I guess so. We sometimes..."

"What do you do?"

"Well, we've done a little of everything."

"Does she like your big cock? I saw her last boyfriend naked skinny-dipping at the lake with Janet and I. He was nice but I worried he couldn't please her with his size. You on the other hand..."

"Uh, well..."

"Jeff, can I see what's making those pants swell? It would make an old lady happy. I promise never to tell Janet."

"Uh" was all I could say.

"Alright then off with your tights!" She demanded.

I peeled my tights down my legs revealing my sweaty white jockstrap.

"How do you pack all that meat into you jock?" She laughed. I hesitated in going the full monty.

"What are you waiting for Jeff? Let's see the goods!"

I pulled down my jock. "I hope I don't disappoint you" I said.

"Wow! That's nice. I like it when guys are semi-hard like you are now. I bet you are the biggest Janet's ever been with. Hey I have an idea!" She shouted and darted toward the kitchen.

She returned carrying a tape measure and wearing a huge grin. "I'm glad I brought this along. Let's see how you measure up young man!" She grabbed my now throbbing member and gave it a few tugs until I was total erect and standing at full attention.

"Wow. You are a big guy aren't you Jeff?" She said as she bent down with the tape.

"Holy crap, almost 9 inches! That's great! No wonder Janet let's you out on that trail in those tights. Heck I'd make you wear a Speedo to the pool to show you off there too!"

"Uh, I guess I've noticed I'm a little bigger than the guys in the locker room at school, but I don't know about wearing a Speedo."

"Haha. Jeff I don't want to overstep my bounds, but your monster cock has made my panties awfully wet. Would you mind helping me out?"

"Well, I don't know."

"We won't have full-blown sex. I just need a little loving. Please."

Just then she lift her skirt and revealed her silk panties covered by her pantyhose. She took my cock and rubbed it across her panty clad pussy. I was completely turned on by this older woman with short white hair who wasn't afraid to please herself with my cock.

"Ohhh your such a stud" she moaned.

She dropped to her knees in front of me.