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Then she was just caressing him, arousing enough, but still I could enjoy for a moment the view of her open pussy. Oh yes, it was very inviting, all moist between her lips and her pink inner lips, and her hole, her clitoris still hidden. I dropped my head between her thighs and covered as much of her opening as I could, my mouth wide open as my tongue lapped the length of her pussy and back, finding the hood of her clitoris, making her gasp slightly, sucking fresh air into her mouth, and then we settled down to enjoying what each of us was doing, enjoying our dessert as much we were enjoying what the other was doing.

Sandy had said how much she enjoyed the thought that she was giving me pleasure, giving a cock pleasure; and I had told her that the longer it took the better it was, the better it would be for her - getting an extra helping. Maybe I was distracting her from concentrating too much on getting it yet. I hoped so, but even so, she was making it almost too good for my cock, I felt my balls draw. Oh, she was letting him slip from her mouth, urging me to raise my hips. Had she seen that they had drawn up?

Letting my cock bob free, she pressed on the back of my ass, and I let her move me, my head dropping lower between her thighs my tongue exploring the back of her slit and the firm area below it. Oooh! She had raised her head and was trying to catch my tight, wrinkled skin with her teeth, now opening her mouth wider, half around one of my balls, but now gently letting it slip free as she held my skin and pulled at it, almost hurting me with her teeth, but exactly what I needed, still pulling at it for a few moments, and then getting another grip with her teeth.

"Ummm! Good!" I encouraged her, delighting at her inventiveness as my tongue explored as far down as it could, just suggesting an interest in finding her asshole. Her tongue was now testing the softness of my sack, and then she clutched my ass to raise her head, pressing her open mouth around one of my balls, sucking, and then gently holding it as her tongue moved on my skin. Then she let it go and relaxed her head. Her hand slipped around my hip and found my cock, drawing it back to her mouth as her other hand urged me to move my hips back, and then she had him in her mouth again, like that time with my sister on the sofa, letting him start over.

Trying to ignore what she was doing to him, I did everything I could to enjoy her pussy, and after my tongue's exploring, my fingers crept in towards her asshole - we had promised each other that for the "next time," this time. Before they found it, her fingers were trying to find mine, her mouth almost still as they crept down, she nodding slightly as I touched hers, and then I nodding when she found mine, and I made it move, and she responded, and then I buried my nose between her pussy lips and found her clitoris as she sucked again on my cock, and then everything was pure, unconscious reflex as our lips and tongues and fingers and assholes moved, our pelvises rocking slowly, my finger with more initiative than hers, feeling her asshole contract as I imagined that I could feel the ring around her hole move on my nose - maybe it did.

Then my pelvis began to twitch, fucking my cock in her mouth. Her other hand clutched it to control its movement, and then she gave a sharp "uhnn!" as I started to spurt, and her own hips went wild, pumping, and her thighs clasping my head, as she spurted past my nose, her asshole drawing my finger deeper as we both spurted, and her fingers pressed around my asshole as I lapped up a spurt of her sweet love juice and then returned to her clitoris. When my orgasm was over, she just gasped around my cock, moaning and gasping as hers continued, until her hand pressed my face from her pussy, and then she collapsed, her thighs flopping open, flat on the bed, as she turned her head to let my cock slip free.

With a gasp of my own, I rolled on my side, my head on her thigh, hugging her still body with my arm around her hips and wi

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