FreeTawny is given severe treatment by Kevin. Sex Pics

Sexual adventures of a prep school teacher.


We all looked around and realized Nancy was probably right. It made me wonder if others were listening to our conversation.

"Why don't you two join us," offered Jim. "We have just ordered and there is no rush."

He jumped to his feet and pulled a chair around for Nancy. I think Gloria, Nancy, Horse and I were all struck by Jim's gentlemanly display.

"Thank you, Jim," Nancy said as she gave him a big smile. "You are a rare find, indeed. Alice, you had better keep a close eye on this guy or someone will steal him."

"Jim is a prince and I guess he would love to be stolen, for a few hours. I refuse to go home next week without him, though."

"Horse, why don't you get a chair and slide in?" asked Gloria. "That is if you aren't too excited. Then you will never fit."

That was my wife! I marveled at the changes she had gone through in a couple days. As we laughed at her remark, Horse pulled up another chair. Soon after he sat, Jim was secretly lifting the table and moving it. Just as we noticed the movement, Jim issued a warning.

"Look out, everyone! I think Horse likes Gloria's cleavage tonight!" he gasped. "We have no idea how much higher the table will get!"

Everyone broke into loud laughter at Jim's joke on Horse. I looked at Horse and he was laughing the hardest. I looked around the room and saw couples at several tables looking our way and laughing.

"Don't let these jealous fools bother you, Horse," Gloria cooed. "They couldn't move the table without using their hands if the ladies here were all naked. I suspect my cleavage is bothering Jim more than you, but there is no way to tell!"

"Ouch!" grimaced Jim. "Damn it, Alice, have you been telling tales out of school?"

It took a few minutes for the laugher to subside. The innuendos and double entendres flowed almost continuously as we dined.

"Ladies, we have invited Nancy and Horse to join us in the hot tub in our new digs in a couple days. Nancy may even show everyone more of her marksmanship skills," I added.

"That sounds great!" enthused Gloria. "Maybe I'll put an apple on my head. How's that for faith in Nancy?"

"It sounds more like faith in Horse to me," laughed Alice. "You just hope her aim is low!"

"Alice!" Gloria feigned outrage. "You paint me to be some kind of tramp! You'll eat those words, or something."

"Really?" asked Alice. "I hope so! You seem to know me quite well by now, too. We aren't exactly the demure, professional women that landed here a few days ago, are we?"

After dinner we sat at the hotel bar and had a few more drinks. There was a guy playing the piano and a few people danced from time to time. I noticed three guys sitting off to one side kept watching us. They had to be in their late sixties. I knew better than to think they had any interest in me. They must have been admiring the ladies. That was confirmed when I returned from a trip to the men's room to find two of them dancing with Gloria and Alice.

I looked at Jim and he grinned back.

"It seems those two fellows were at the birthday party last night," he revealed. "They walked up to Gloria and told her they almost didn't recognize her with her clothes on. She just smiled back and asked them which way they preferred her!"

Then Nancy chimed in, "that must have been some party! I think I overheard some people talking about it at breakfast. Now Alice and Gloria are in the evil clutches of those two lechers!"

About that time the song ended and the two strangers escorted Alice and Gloria back to Jim and me. Gloria introduced them to the group.

"This is Ed and Ralph. They were at Brandy's party last night. This is Alice's husband, Jim, my husband, Lance, and Nancy and Horse, our friends," she finished.

Gloria and Alice shared a strange look and then sat down at the bar and seemed to wait for something. The two guys tried to make small talk but it was apparent they had something on their minds. Finally, Ed found the nerve to broach the subject.

"I don't want to be rude or impolite in any way, but Gloria and Alice told us we had to t