FreeWhite man discovers Black woman's secret lust. Sex Pics

A lady doesn’t always play tennis on the tennis courts.

As your hands push my blouse from my shoulders, you smile and again raise your eyebrow. I blush. You have seen my red, lacy bra.

"Now I understand the red shoes."

Before I can respond, your hands cup my over-sensitized breasts. My head falls back and I grasp the collar of your robe. It may be the only thing holding me up. It is not long before my shirt falls to the floor. You start to unhook my bra, but I grasp your hands and step away.

"I think you may want to leave that for a little while." I continue to smile mischievously as I remove my skirt.

Your eyes blaze as they watch me. Your stare makes my breast swell even further, a feat I thought impossible a minute ago. After removing my skirt, I straighten and wait, letting you get a good look at my ensemble. I am wearing a red lacy bra, which you noticed earlier. I also have on the matching garter belt and crotchless panties. Attached to the garter belt are tan thigh highs encasing my shapely legs and leading your eyes back down to my red FMPs (Fuck Me Pumps). An appreciative smile crosses your face.

"Come here." You crook your finger. "As much as I like your outfit, I am still going to remove your bra," which you do immediately.

Your hands cup my full breasts and you roll the nipples between thumbs and forefingers. I again grasp your robe to steady myself as I arch into your hands. Your mouth swiftly captures my right nipple and I cry out at the wet, warm sensation which shoots straight down to my groin. You suck and nibble on my right breast as you continue to knead my left breast with your hand. I twine my hands in your hair, holding you close, never wanting the sensations you are creating in me to stop.

"Are you wet, baby?" you ask as you move your mouth to my left breast.

"Yes. Very."

While you are still sucking on my nipple, you guide me backwards until the bed hits me in the back of the knees. I unwittingly sit and break our contact.

"Let me see you, baby," I say as I slip the knot from your robe.

You are wearing boxers. As you remove your robe, I pull the waistband of your pants out and down, freeing your rather erect penis. I push the boxers to your knees, not terribly concerned about them any more as I am now eye level with the object of my desire. You are long and thick. My heart rate increases and I am almost panting in anticipation about how you will feel filling and stretching me.

I gently grasp your cock with my hand as I flick my tongue to catch the small drop of precum clinging to the head. I feel your cock jump in my hand and you groan roughly.

"You taste so good," I whisper, more to myself than to you.

My attention is now fully focused on your penis. I am fascinated by every inch of it. My tongue swirls around the head and then flicks at the ridge. I feel you swell in my hand and I can't help but smile at the feeling of power that surges through me. I take just the tip of your cock into my mouth and suck. My tongue harasses the small opening. I begin to move my hand in rhythm to my sucking, but my hand is dry. To fix this problem, I suddenly take the entire length of you into my mouth. My lips brush against your groin and your head smacks against the back of my throat.

"Oh, shit!" you exclaim. "I need to fuck you now, baby!"

Removing my mouth from you, I lay back, guiding you forward by your cock. You reach one hand down between my legs to check my state of arousal. Your hand comes away covered in my juices. I am extremely ready for you, having imagined this moment in my mind for days. You groan as I continue to guide you forward toward my pussy.

Once the head of your penis is pressing against my slit, I let go and grab your shoulders.