FreeOh a Night to remember. Sex Pics

Organisation is needed and date night arrives.

I could tell that Amy was bucking her hips up into Dawn's mouth. The sucking and slurping became louder with their moans. I heard a deep groan come from Dawn as she buried her mouth into Amy's pussy as the bed began to shake. I could tell the two of them were jerking around as their orgasms hit. The smell of pussy became stronger.

"Ohhhh, god!" Came from my end of the bed.

The movement settled down and remained still for a long time. I suddenly felt the bed moving as the girls moved around. I realized that someone was moving so that they were straddling my chest. A knee was on each side of my arms at about my elbow. I felt someone untie the blindfold and pull it away. As I could see, I saw Amy standing there holding the blindfold, she was now missing her top. I looked up and saw Dawn's ass in front of me. She had straddled me with her ass pointed at my face and was propped up on her hands over my cock.

Amy moved toward the end of the bed and came back. She was holding a bottle of lube. She held it above the crack of Dawn's ass and squeezed it out so that it ran down her crack. Amy reached up with her other hand and began smearing the liquid around in Dawn's crack. Amy stopped at Dawn's asshole and slowly circled her opening with her finger. The liquid began to drip on my shirt along with Dawn's juices.

I watched intently as Amy slowly circled Dawn's asshole and then began to push inside. Amy slowly slipped her finger inside Dawn's tight ass, Dawn moaned softly. I watched as Amy continued to work her finger in and out. I looked up at Amy but she was watching her finger intently. I looked back at Dawn's ass just as Amy pulled her index finger out and then slowly worked two fingers into Dawn's ass. Dawn moaned again.

Amy worked her two fingers in and out of Dawn, stretching her as she did. I was so wanting for Dawn to suck my cock as she got her ass fingered in front of my face. I watched as it appeared that Dawn's asshole was relaxing, Amy seemed to be able to slide her two fingers in deeper as she probed around. Amy suddenly pulled her fingers out and walked toward the end of the bed and returned. She produced a butt plug that I thought was rather large for Dawn. Amy held it up and squirted lube on it. She then sat the bottle of lube down on the bed and then rubbed the lube all over the butt plug.

I watched as Amy took the butt plug and pressed the pointed end up next to Dawn's asshole. She twisted and pressed the butt plug against Dawn. Amy slowly pushed the plug in a little way and held it. She was slowly stretching Dawn's asshole out. After a minute or so Amy twisted and pushed the plug in a little further. Dawn let out a moan. Amy held the plug firm, it appeared to be about half way in. Amy slowly twisted and pushed harder, the plug was slipping into Dawn's ass to the point it was nearing the largest part of the round shape. Dawn moaned louder.

Amy held the plug in place as I watched, Dawn was appearing to relax as the plug stretched her asshole. I watched as Amy held the plug steady as Dawn started pushing back against it. I could feel my cock growing harder and harder as I watched. Slowly Dawn pushed back and the largest part of the plug slipped past the horizon of her asshole. Dawn groaned loudly followed with a gasp. Amy held the plug in place as it stretched out her asshole.

After a minute, Dawn pushed back again and the plug slipped into her ass as she gasped.