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A Master and pet play a game that leads to rape.

And their subsequent actions had been one of the few true temptations he had throughout his life, their earnestness had shone through even his cynicism, but he had managed to hold back then.
All this flashed through his mind even as his resolve crumbled. He took a swift step forward, crushing their luscious curves against his body, as he mashed his lips first to the ginger-haired beauty before partaking in the lips of the gorgeous Hispanic.

His hands roamed the bodies of the two women, carefully exploring every nook and cranny of their bodies, trying to find their most sensitive spots. The two women tried their best to muffle their moans as the man of their dreams meticulously ravaged their bodies. Even as lust roared through his mind, Alex was able to note the differences in the sensitivity and beauty of the two women. Leira was slightly taller and more athletic with an incredibly juicy ass and legs to die for. Straight hair, the color of night, trailed down to the small of her back, highlighting her olive skin which gleamed with sweat as the slender curve of her waist flowed beautifully into the luscious curves of her bubble butt, her grapefruit sized breasts sat firm and high upon her chest, topped with sensitive small dark nipples.

Emily was more petite with short pixie-like hair and had an almost elfin look about her, though this image was 'marred' by the size of her bosom. She had a svelte figure topped with a pair of enormous torpedo breasts that put the pin-up models of the 60s to shame, her paired beauties, the size of cantaloupes, were incredibly sensitive and were capped with puffy areoles that screamed to be sucked. Her slim waist curved into a pert peach-shaped ass, which led to her coral pink glistening womanhood. As Alex caressed the two women who were madly in love with him, he curled his arms around them before flaring his wings and draping their bodies in silver.

If the girls had thought themselves in heaven then, they were proven how wrong they were, as the incredibly sharp tendrils of his wings, proved how gentle and sensual they could be, as Alex caressed every single portion of their body. Even as he dominated their mouths, his hands rose to their breasts to squeeze and tease them, alternating gentle touches with tantalizing caresses.

The girls weren't idle as Alex ravaged their bodies, their hands stroked and massaged every part of his body they could reach, slipping under his baggy shirt to caress his body directly, and when they discovered how sensitive his new wings were, they didn't hesitate to stroke and caress them in order draw out more of his deep throaty moans.

Deepening their kisses, Emily was delighted to note that Alex's changes weren't limited to his outside, his tongue proved to be inhumanly flexible and long, and even as the kiss ended, she couldn't help yearning for more.

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