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A brother, a sister, a stepbrother and a bet.

This time he had been given a good batch. Although he would never admit to himself that they were are as good as him. Majority probably were not but, he could see a few driven by passion and having the urge to prove others wrong much like he did, when he came through the military ranks. They called him a cripple and said he couldn't fly for shit. He proved all of them wrong.

A knock on the door, interrupted his thoughts.

"Come in," said Joker.

In came a woman, tall, Nordic, in her features he saw a little of EDI. He mostly thought it was just him seeing that. She was a confident woman keen and eager to please him. Another irony, all he had to do to get women to notice him, was to fight in a big war which decided the fate of the galaxy.

"Sir, how are you this morning, here are the files on the recruits you requested."

"Thank you, Erin," Joker replied.

Erin then placed an osd on the table. The table's glass interface light up and the files joker requested were at his fingertips.

"Will there be anything else sir?" Erin enquired.

"No nothing at all, thank you Erin."

She then turned and headed out the door, she was gorgeous young, and made him forget about his past. It was good, he still missed EDI, even though, he knew it was what she would have wanted. He knew, that she would not have hesitated to give her life to the Reapers. The first time he was close to her, she was a rogue VI on Luna, which Shepard dropped in to stop.

Later she became what he knew, but it was when she had a body, a form which felt familiar, it was when the love became real. Joker, had grown close to EDI, and when she died he was devastated. It was something he came to deal with, when the Normandy made its return home after the Reaper defeat.

Joker pondered this has he finished going through the files and making his assessments. He then turned to look out the window and surveying the sight in front of him.


Garrus Vakarian sat back on a chair overlooking the view of the city in the distance. He was truly happy, although he never forgot about what he went through, now though all was well. His father was proud of him, knowing what his son helped achieve.

Garrus, was now an uncle, his sister Solana, was now married and with a second child on the way. She had married another Turian, a fellow soldier, one Garrus checked into and was satisfied at who was marrying his sister.

He felt glad about all he had he earned and the happiness he now felt. His wife Orianna, was glowing and the same genetics as her sister meant she did not look a day over 19 when he first saw, when he helped Shepard and Miranda rescue her from her father.

Her job meant she worked long hours, but she enjoyed it and still had enough time to enjoy him, and the life they had built together. He would often sit there on that chair after completing his work for the day and await her sky car.

He had done this for years and had no intention of stopping, he loved her and everyone knew it.

He spotted it out in the distance, even without his visor, which he did not wear anymore. However, it was kept in a glass case in a safe as a prized possession, along with his armour, and his favourite Sniper Rifle.

Orianna came home, Garrus, shared a kiss with her as she came home, as he always had done. It was routine, one that he would never get bored off. It was a great life, one that he had earned, at great cost. However, he held onto himself and made it out the end eventually.

Orianna was dressed in a white outfit reminiscent of many a scientist. She didn't quite don the sultry black and white cat suit once favoured by her sister. However, Garrus favoured her out of that outfit.

Orianna made her way up the stairs and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. Garrus, went to make some drinks for the both of them. He then took them upstairs. He entered the bathroom and sat them onto the table. He looked through the slightly misted but clear glass at the sight of his gorgeous wife naked and wet in front of him.

Orianna pretended to not notice that he was there, but she