FreeMore changes on the horizon for the Morrisons. Sex Pics

The Randals of Eagle's Nest live on.

I worked his cock with my tongue, finding his most sensitive spots, while one hand cupped his balls, tugging and playing, then grasping the base of his shaft and squeezing in rhythm as I sucked harder. I heard him sigh with pleasure. Giving the Admiral great head is fun for me.

He finally released my hair, which was my cue to stop. I slowly released him, allowing the head of his cock to *pop* from between my lips. He reached behind him and brought out a blindfold and tied it around my eyes. I don't normally like the blindfold; I like watching Sir while he dominates me. I like him to see the submission in my eyes while he's feeling it from my body. But the blindfold was part of my scenario.

He lifted me to my feet and led me to the edge of the bed to sit. He said "Spread your legs, slut," and I spread them wide, moving my ass just to the edge of the bed. I leaned back on my elbows because I knew what was coming. Then I felt him pinching my nipples, which instantly hardened beneath his touch. He put the clamps on me and said "Do not move. Every time you move or twitch, this will happen," and I felt a little shock of electricity hit my nipples. Oh my god! It was such a feeling. I can have mini orgasms just from nipple play. This could definitely drive me over the edge.

I felt Sir push my thighs a little bit wider and then his tongue lightly flicked across my clit. Without thinking I shivered and *zap* the electricity hit my nipples. The Admiral knows exactly how to use his mouth and tongue to drive me into a frenzy and he was bringing his best to the table tonight. Every time I twitched or shivered or ground my hips against him, *zap* another pulse hit my nipples. Between the sensation of Sir's tongue and the electric nipple clamps, I was lost. I moaned, deeply, loudly, and a wave of orgasms hit me. Sir continued to torture me as I came again.

He pulled away and took my hands, raising me to standing. He moved me away from the bed and I felt him threading something through the rings on the shackle bracelets. Then he lifted my hands above my head and hooked them to a chain suspended from the ceiling. He raised the chain, pulling my arms taut above my head, causing me to raise up slightly on the balls of my feet. This was my fantasy sex scene from the show; in the first episode, Jason fucked Maudette Pickens rough and hard from behind while she was blindfolded and suspended from a chain. It had turned me on when I watched the show and now the Admiral was going to do the same to me.

But what I felt next wasn't his cock pushing into my cunt. Instead, I felt him trail leather thongs from my shoulder down to my ass. "You'll get your fantasy fuck, slut, but not just yet." And he snapped the flogger against my ass. I whimpered; it stung. Then he trailed the leather up and down my leg, only to snap it again against the back of my thighs. He alternated this, stroking me with the leather and then flogging me lightly. He varied the pattern. Then I felt him pull the leather over my pussy. He lightly flicked me and then the handle of the flogger pushed between my pussy lips. He worked it into me, fucking me with the handle. "You like that, don't you, slut?" When I didn't answer, he slapped my breasts hard and said, "Answer me, whore!"

"Yes, Sir. I like it, Sir."

"What do you want, slut?"

"I want you to fuck me, Sir."

"Beg for it, slut. Tell me what a big whore you are."

A groan escaped my lips. He continued to work me with the leather handle and I couldn't help but rock my hips with it. "Please, Sir. Fuck me. I need your cock, Sir. I am a big whore and I need to be fucked, rough and hard. I need your cock in my cunt, Sir. Please."

"Good girl," he replied and he pulled the handle out.