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City people didn't have drive-ins.


Eren sat back, hesitantly, before her curiousity got the better of her. She leaned into Sharni and gently kissed around her nipple, before wrapping her mouth around it and tugging on it with her lips. Sharni watched intently, smiling, "How does that feel?"

"It's nice." Eren admitted readily, kissing down Sharni's ribcage and to her belly, "Is this ok?"

Sharni laughed and nodded, "Course silly." She tugged her skirt down over slim hips and long legs, puddling it at her feet. Eren smiled, her eyes drifting to Sharni's bellybutton bar, transfixed by the way the bar's dangles fanned out over her flat belly.

"Go ahead..." Sharni said, "...kiss it."

Eren hovered near the bar, gently pressing her lips to it, before creeping lower to the edge of her panties. Sharni nodded, tugging her panties down her legs to join her skirt on the floor. Eren slowly moved downwards, peppering kisses over Sharni's clean shaven mound. Eren looked up, "How am I doing?" "You're doing fine, honey" Sharni smiled, drawing her fingers through Eren's long brown hair. Sharni guided Eren towards her clit, pausing her over it, "Now, use the tip of your tongue and just flick gently across my hood...I'll tell you if you're too rough, or not rough enough." Eren nodded slowly, her tongue snaking out to flutter across Sharni's hood gently, looking up at her, "How's that?"

"Mmmmmmmm, good honey, use the flat of your tongue to lick my clit..."

Eren licked, looking up at Sharni. Sharni nodded, stroking her hair gently. "More kisses." she whispered, guiding Eren to kiss across her mound gently, "Keep going until I tell you to stop." Eren smiled and bowed her head, pressing soft kisses to the sleek lines of Sharni's mound, her kisses becoming more confident. Eren closed her eyes and breathed in the smell of Sharni's skin. "You're wearing vanilla." she mused, dipping her head to lap her tongue up the underside of Sharni's clit. She felt more relaxed after catching the scent of her sister's perfume. "It smells good on you."

Sharni smiled and stroked Eren's hair as Eren explored with her tongue, trailing the tip between her clit and outer lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" Sharni breathed, tightening her grip in her hair, "That's goooooood, keep going with that, you'll have me soaking in no time."

Eren smiled, timidly licking a finger and swirling it around the entrance to Sharni's pussy. "How does that feel?" she asked, gently dipping a finger inside her sister.

Sharni lifted from the couch, pressing her hips against the finger. "Gooood, try using another one as well."

Eren smiled and gently pushed another one inside her, "Now, move it in and out as if your fingers were a cock." Eren started to move her fingers. "Now, lick my clit with long, lazy strokes." Eren obeyed, her tongue easily finding the underside of Sharni's clit now.

"Mmmmmmmmmm" Sharni breathed, her hips bucking gently against Eren's fingers. "You're good honey."

Eren smiled and licked a little faster, knowing that Sharni was enjoying herself. "Keep the fingers moving sweetie." Sharni whispered as her hips bucked forcefully against Eren's fingers. "Mmmmmmmm" she moaned, "Thaaaaat's right."

Sharni began to slam her pussy down to meet Eren's fingers, her breasts rising and falling with each ragged breath. "Mmmmm, harder honey, faster, I'm almost on the edge" Eren smiled, her tongue working to a rhythm now. Sharni moaned, a long, drawn out moan, her hips began to move erratically. "Ooooh honey, keep it going, I'm almost there, alllllmost thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Sharni stiffened, before letting out a long, loud noise, Eren kept her tongue moving at the same pace, not wanting to disturb her orgasm. Sharni tensed as if fitting, before relaxing back onto the couch. Eren gently lapped at her pussy, licking up the sweet juices that flowed.

Sharni looked at Eren and smiled, her eyes hazed over with pleasure. "You did it sweetheart, congratulations."

Eren lifted her head and smiled a wet smile, flicking her tongue across her lips to get the rest of Sharni's juices from her lips and face

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