FreePeggy finds fun at a spa and with a couple during a layover. Sex Pics

Sister in law stops over for Christmas.

Reaching my hand down her tummy, I grabbed her jeans and unzipped them. I stripped her of her jeans and shoes, leaving her naked on her roommate's bed. She was stretched out there. Her entire body moved with every deep breath.

I grabbed the dildo, turned it on low and positioned it slowly up the inside of her thigh. I could tell her weak spot was the inside of her thighs. The sensation began to make her squirm. After a moment, I let it slide over her pussy lips and then over her clit. Jennifer lifted up her hips to let her, now wet, pussy push up against it. After a moment she suddenly lowered her hips.

"Oh God, Master! It's very sensitive. Too sensitive!" She said, as she writhed uncontrollably. I pushed the dildo down against her clit as she tried to squirm herself away from the sensation.

"Look at me, right now." I said, in my controlling voice.

Jennifer looked at me, and then her eyes darted around me towards the front door of her apartment, they were wild with the sensation of the vibrator against her clit. Her hips were moving left and right, trying to find some relief.

"Hold still. Hold still, right now." I demanded.

"I'll try."

I waited a moment for her to address me as Master. I didn't get it. I set the dildo against her pussy, between her legs and grabbed the rope.

"Hold still. Don't move."

She looked at me as I uncoiled the second role of hemp rope. I pushed her legs to make them bend in towards herself and began to wrap the rope around her thighs and shins, forcing them to be tightly held in place with her legs spread. After a few moments I had both of her legs bound up.

"Did you forget something?" I looked at her.

"Master, what did I forget? Master?"

I positioned myself facing towards her; sitting on my ass, with my legs between her legs, tied up and bent. I let mine rest against each side of her tummy and easily held her legs spread, with my own legs like this. Using the dildo again, I ran it up over her clit. She started to moan even louder, trying her hardest to squirm. This was useless, as I had put more weight between her legs with my body, rendering her unable to move her hips.

"You did not address me as Master. Have you forgotten that you are always to address me as Master?" I allowed myself to become angry.

"I'm sorry, Master! Oh God. Sorry, Master! Sorry!"

Jennifer was desperately trying to move her hips. My cock was still fully erect. I turned the dildo on high. I could feel and hear the vibration intensity. Right at that moment she screamed, a scream which subsided with each and every intake of breath. She was breathing so very hard. I recognized that she was beginning to cum. I kept the vibrator on high as I pressed it up against her clit, a little harder, and used my full body weight to hold her hips still. I was much too big for her; even in the excitement of her orgasm she was completely unable to move her hips. Her only choice was feeling that orgasm; completely unable to stretch out her legs, move her hips or move her arms, which were still stretched out completely left and right and tied to the bed frame.

I remember I had been very genuinely surprised at how quickly she was ready to cum. The excitement of her suddenly being tied up, in bondage to her roommate's bed must have excited her more than she was letting on.

"Oh, Master. I came. Oh, Master. Oh God, Master! Please, take it off!"

She had finished her orgasm, but I was not yet ready to remove the vibrating dildo from her clit. I held it firmly in place and moved it teasingly, up and down her clit.

Jennifer began to try and move her arms with no luck. She leaned her head back as she continued to moan. The moans could not stop. She was breathing even heavier. She had lost complete control of the situation, very quickly. I had put her in a spot where the feeling of the vibrator on her clit consumed her mind. She had no alternative to make it stop. She had no choice to escape the sensation, which would make her cum again.

"Oh, God! Oooohhhh.