FreeThe transformation of a daughter. Sex Pics

He was able to bring out the best of his models.

"Only one at a time, dearies" she said, "the mystic powers might get confused with more than one spiritual aura in the room. Now, who's going to be first."

The girls looked at each other and then Mary said "You go first Jayney. After all it's your money."

Mary exited the tent and waited outside. After about ten minutes Jayney exited and said "The usual old twaddle -- I'm gonna meet a tall, blond stranger who will whisk me away to his place in the country. Your turn."

Mary nervously entered the tent and stopped just two steps inside. Sitting at the table now was a voluptuous black haired young woman with sparkling blue eyes and a radiant face.

"What happened to the other woman," she asked.

"Only me sweetie, only ever me," came the response, "now, take a seat and let's see what the cards hold for you."

Mary sat down and the was handed the pack of Tarot cards.

"Shuffle them thoroughly and when you're satisfied, place them on the table in front of you," said Madame Asudem.

As Mary was shuffling, two cards dropped from the pack and landed face down on the table.

"Clearly those are not to be part of your reading today, my dear," said Madame Asudem, "let's see what is not imminently in store for you."

She picked the cards up, "Ahh, all good. Death and the Tower; neither are bringers of glad tidings. It is a blessing that these will play no part for you."

Mary finished shuffling and was instructed to place the deck on the table and to cut the deck using her left hand. She placed the top half of the deck down and Madame Asudem told her to turn over the top card of the bottom stack.

Mary nervously lifted the card and turned it over; it was a picture of two figures in Victorian clothing standing in a park, had in hand.

"Ahhh, the lovers," exclaimed Madame Asudem, "I want you to concentrate on the card, my dear. Gaze upon it and let your mind go free."

As she looked at the card, it seemed to Mary that the figures came to life. The woman turned to look at Mary and she was shocked that the face looking at her was her own; she could have been looking into a miniaturised mirror. The woman smiled at her and then began kissing the handsome man she was with.

The man responded, tenderly at first and then with more passion. He lowered his lover to the ground and allowed his hands to wander over her body as his kisses continued. With his right hand he was pulling up the hem of the long Victorian dress until he could get his hand between her legs and he started to caress her mound.

Mary let out an involuntary moan and her hand moved down between her legs, caressing her pussy in time with the man's strokes on the card.

"That's it," said Madame Asudem," focus on the card; concentrate and don't take your eyes off for a single moment. Now, stand up and remove your panties but keep looking at the card"

Mary felt as if she was in a trance as she did as instructed, sliding her white panties down her legs as she watched the card, where the man was slowly undressing his partner before removing his own clothes. Mary stared as his cock appeared; she had never seen one before and was mesmerised by the length and thickness of it. She gasped as the young woman took the throbbing cock in her hand and then began to put her lips around it, taking more and more of his length into her hungry mouth.

"Sit, my dear," said Madame Asudem, whose hair had turned into a mass of writhing snakes.

Mary returned to her chair and continued to watch the card as the man was now on top of the woman with his head between her legs as she continued to suck on his cock. Mary's hand continued its exploration of her vagina; stroking gently between her legs, where her juices were now making her pussy wet and slippery.

Sitting opposite her, Madame Asudem hitched up her long skirt and began to play with her bare pussy; inserting two fingers into her hole and finger fucking herself.