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Mandy and Jessica help each other in every way.

Scott walked back up to the road, and I bent down to look at the rocks on the shoreline. Time passed as I picked over the water-smoothed rocks, admiring their colors and smooth shapes. I wasn't wearing a watch, but when I looked up and still didn't see Susan, I started to worry.

I figured she was probably fine, but decided to go after her, just in case. My shoes were waterproof, so I did my best to stay to the shallow edges of the stream. In some places I had to clamber back up on the bank and wade through grass up to my waist. After several minutes, I reached the bend in the stream. It turned out to be the joining of two other streams. I looked down both sides of the fork, but didn't see Susan.

I was left with no choice at this point but to cross the stream. I took off my shoes and socks and left them on a patch of sand at the water's edge. Then I hiked up my shorts and headed in. I could see a fair way down one branch, so I picked the stream that turned the bend, hoping that Susan would be just out of sight. It took a frustratingly long time to wade across the wide junction, but when I finally rounded the corner, I still couldn't see Susan.

My heart rate was up now, and despite the cool water, I was sweating profusely. In the middle of the stream, the rocks were piled high enough to come up out of the water. I climbed the small hill and looked around. Still no sign of Susan, but then a sound behind me startled me. I whipped around to see my wife coming out from behind a fallen tree on the stream's edge.

"Were you worried?"

"I was."

"Really? That's so sweet."

She smiled at me as I waded back into the water and then out onto the bank to meet her. When I reached her, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me firmly on the lips. Then she backed away and pouted, "I am so sick of listening to Rachel whine."

"I hear you. It's nice to be more than a couple feet from them."

"Really? I'd have thought you'd want to stick around so you could keep an eye on those melons."

"Whatever. You know she drives me nuts, and besides, your breasts are much nicer." Now, it's true, Rachel had lovely cans: large, round, supple-we had only dated for a week, but I had made good use of the time-but I wasn't lying. I was well acquainted with my wife's rack and though it was smaller than Rachel's, I was much more fond of Susan's.

To punctuate my statement, I reached out and took hold of Susan's left breast. I pulled my fingers from base to tip and pinched the nipple through her shirt. Then I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. "You know," I said, "besides those four losers at the car, there's probably no one else for miles."

"We're not having woods sex." I only looked at her. "They might come looking for us. And besides, sound carries really well out here." I reached up under her shirt and bra and took both breasts into my hands this time. She made as if to push me away, but her heart wasn't in it.

My heart rate, which had dipped when I found Susan, began to climb again. I caressed her breasts and kissed her again.

"I mean it," she argued, but just barely. She let me cut her off with my lips. I gently tweaked her right nipple while my right hand made its way out from under her shirt and began unfastening her shorts. As they fell down around her ankles, she leaned back against the fallen tree, then reached down and grasped the bulge in the front of my shorts. I had time for a soft moan before she reached for my zipper. With my fly open, she freed my now hard cock from my boxers.

It sprang outward and she giggled. I brought my right hand back up to her tits and dropped my left down to her crotch. I felt for her clit through the fabric of her panties and began to rub gently. It was only moments before the dampness soaked through and wetted my fingers. Susan was breathing heavily now and leaned into my neck.

"You smell...good."

I pulled her panties aside and thrust myself into her.