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An undercover sting goes wrong.

We arrived on Friday afternoon with the usual greetings and hugs. Aunt Shirley seemed more vivacious than I remembered.

"Goodness Carlos, it's been only a couple of years but you've grown so. And you look so much like Stefan." Big hug with that.

Big hug back as I imagined those fishhooks underneath her bra. We settled in with coffee, catching up, and inevitably photos. They usually bored me but my mother always took a great interest. Something about her family being back in Chile and desperately craving a substitute on here.

"My heavens Shirley! You look so young in this one. Look Carlos."

Geez, she did. It was her and Stefan last Christmas.

Nervous laugh from Aunt Shirley. "Actually Anita, that isn't me."

Stupefied look from my mother.

"It's Stefanie, Stefan's girlfriend. "

"But she looks just like you."

Aunt Shirley blushed. "Yes, I felt awkward at first. So did she."

"It must have been...strange for Stefan too."

"I suppose it was. But he seems happy with her and I quite like her too. We spent last New Year's up here - just the three of us."

"How sweet. So you got to know her better and the two of them together."

"I did. They're really well matched and while there's no talk of marriage yet, I'm hoping."

I kept my mouth shut through all of this but I was thinking - what a perverted family. One cousin is getting it on with his mother and another is dating a girl who looks just like his mother. Then there was Mom and me; well, enough thinking for now.

The rest of the day passed easily enough. My mother was at her best with much joking and laughing. I went to bed early and left the two of them to gab. Next day was OK too. Leisurely breakfast, then swimming, then lunch. After that Aunt Shirley spoke up.

"Carlos, I feel like a sauna this aft. Would you please prepare it?"

"Sure." That got my mind racing. Would they invite me in with them? It would be awkward naked with my mother again but to see Aunt Shirley in the raw would more than make up for it. I started to imagine the Partridge Family mother naked. She looked so chaste but man, she must have had a hot body under those clothes. Just like Aunt Shirley. And hey, wasn't the actress named Shirley Jones?

All this got me chopping wood with a vigor that would have shamed Paul Bunyan. I couldn't make it burn faster but it was ready within an hour. Then my mother spoiled it.

"Thanks so much Carlos. We'll go in first and you can have yours after that."

Damn! She was probably being extra solicitous about avoiding sexy interludes with me, but there went my chance to see Aunt Shirley naked. Damn!

I was sitting in the sun room reading when I heard them come in whispering and giggling a half hour later. I looked up and there they were at the door. Naked!

I did an exaggerated double-take, not on purpose, and gaped. They show only lasted for a few seconds before they took off. I barely noticed my mother. Aunt Shirley was half a foot taller than her and her pubic hair was rusty brown, slightly bushy but not thick like my mother's. Her breasts were round without much sag and her nipples were pinkish. But where were those fishhooks? Maybe they only appeared when she was excited, when she wanted the fish to nibble.

They were still changing when I went for my sauna. I felt like jerking off but decided to save it for a more intensive session at bedtime. When I returned they were in the the sunroom with gin and tonics. I'd considered doing the nude appearance but chickened out.

"Come in and join us Carlos." That was my Aunt Shirley. "I hope we didn't shock you earlier."

"Startled maybe. But I didn't mind."

"Well your mother told me you'd fantasized about seeing me naked. And since I was ready to have you join us in the sauna I thought 'why not'?"

"Mom! I didn't say that."

"Well Carlos, when I was teasing you about the sauna up here a couple of years ago, you said that of all of us, you'd most like to have seen your Aunt Shirley naked."

"I didn't say it like that. I didn't mean it that way."

Aunt Shirley's turn.