Once again she is humiliated. Porn Video

He finds her milk strangely arousing.

I know him well enough by now to know he likes to watch my body react to every slight touch he gives me, and as much as I love this I love the orgasms even more. The feelings that go through my body, the way my skin comes alive, how every nerve reacts to the most powerful feeling that starts in between my legs and works it way across my body leaving me nothing but the complete sensations of exhaustion and fulfilment afterwards.

I know it's always worth it in the end though, I know all his teasing, the torture I feel having his tongue delving in an out of my wet cunt and his finger circling my clit my body so close to bringing me to the point of no return, will always be worth it as it only makes it ten times better when he lets me go, when he lets my body take over and watches as every part of me moans, ripples, grinds and shivers through my orgasm, the look in his eye as he stares at my goosepimpled body sprawled across the bed, carpet, kitchen or wherever he decided he wanted me then.

At present I am on the bed, he likes me on the bed when he's giving me lots of oral attention, the comfort of it meaning he can go on as long as I need him to or as long as he wants to, whichever he feels would be more tease worthy. Laid on the bed with the soft duvet underneath me, the pillows are somewhere behind me, I daren't look round I may disturb his tongue and the view I currently have. I can see the crown of his head my hand often slips down and tugs on his hair, he has that spiky, thick, coarse hair that when you run your fingers through it, just gives you the urge to pull and tug on it so hard.

So there I am, legs spread, thighs resting on the quilt either side of me, his head between my legs, one hand still teasing my cunt whilst the other is now gliding down my thigh with his feather light touch. He brings his hand back up again shortly after, knowing how much this drives me wild, adding to my sensitivity.

I can feel my body getting really close, his tongue feels so good, he keeps thrusting it in my pussy, then licking just the outside of me where my juices have leaked, he enjoys the taste of me, and the feelings of my body below his head as he continues to let his tongue tease the most sensitive part of my pussy and watch how it makes me react, not only with me grinding my hips into his head deeper but also the non stop flowing of the wetness between my legs that he just keeps licking.

This is all getting too much and my breathing becomes so heavy and rapid I know he's going to stop, this is my dead giveaway that I am moments from an Incredible orgasm, and I don't think he's going to let me come, as I start moaning louder my breath being heard in between moans, I wait for him to pull his head up and smirk at me, with that cheeky smile, and those irresistible eyes, but he doesn't.

He moves his head slightly upwards, removing his finger at the same time, he brings his tongue up in one long stroke and licks at my clit so hard, so fast, god he's gonna let me come.

His hands are back round my hips, his fingers gripping me so tightly, he's not letting me go.

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