Elena makes a decision. Porn Video

Sympathy from an unexpected quarter.

My back arched and my shoulders relaxed. I sauntered sinuously toward him, and the appreciation in his gaze told me what I'd wanted to know; gone was the shy, awkward girl - the sexy, wanton woman was in charge now. And she wasn't afraid to ask for exactly what she wanted.

I stopped and stood as close to him as I possibly could, without touching. I bent forward so that my lips were just an inch shy of his ear, and my nipples just barely brushed his chest - a light, teasing caress. His breathing quickened, and I smiled, before going in for the kill

"Fuck me!" I whispered against his ear, "Fuck me now!"

He exploded. He literally exploded! One moment I was standing there, in the middle of the room, and the next, I was pinned against the wall, with my hands above my head, held securely in place by one of his. His tongue was inside my mouth, and his dick was against my pelvis, both thrusting with the urgency of his desire. I smiled to myself, which turned to a moan when his lips disengaged from my mouth, only to latch on to my nipple instead. Fuck! The way he licked it, and sucked it, and bit on it..before I knew it, my pelvis was bucking against his dick, matching him thrust for thrust. He cupped his free hand on my ass, bringing me even closer to his body. I moaned again, closing my eyes and throwing my head back. That was the first time I came that night, with my nipple between his teeth and his dick grinding against my clit to the fast, hard beat of Rob Zombie's 'foxy foxy' playing in the background.

He thrust one finger inside me while I was still coming, and then another one. I contracted helplessly around his fingers, coming all over them. He took them out when the contractions ceased, while I stood there panting, and put them against his nose, inhaling deeply. "Fuck, you smell so good!" He groaned, and put his fingers in his mouth, tasting me, looking at me with eyes dark with such intense, consuming lust that I almost collapsed to the floor in a molten heap at his feet. My nipples were hard again, and I could feel something tightening within my belly - I'd just had an earth shattering orgasm, how the fuck was I still so turned on?!

I placed a palm against his chest and pushed him backwards, towards the bed. I wanted to do to him, what he'd just done to me. He kept his lust darkened gaze on me, walking backwards and then sitting down on the edge of the bed. I sat down on my knees between his legs, pushing them apart. His cock was already hard, straining against his stomach. I started at the bottom, taking his balls in my mouth, moving slowly to the base of his big cock, licking upwards along the tortuous course of the vein that ran the length of it. His laboured breathing was all the encouragement I needed to put my lips on the top, and suck. He groaned and put both his hands in my hair, bringing my head closer, encouraging me to take more of his dick in my mouth. I took my time, however - licking all around the top, kissing it, sucking on it repeatedly, all the while looking him in the eye. Then, without warning, I took his whole length in my mouth in one swift movement. He convulsed at the suddenness of it, and swore loudly. Then he began to move to and fro in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat every time. I wanted to make him come just by giving him head, but he had other ideas.

He pulled out after only a few minutes, and stood up, face contorted with the effort of his restraint. I looked up questioningly at his face, but he just wordlessly picked me up and threw me on the bed, face first.

"On your knees!" He commanded, and I obeyed, understanding the urgency and beginning to get caught up in it's frenzy as well.

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