FreeJonelle has second thoughts about the affair. Sex Pics

Science writer's reaserch gets intimate.

Before long, I heard Collum call for me: "My Own!" His husky voice almost a growl on the name he'd chosen for me. When I lifted the curtain I saw that the customers had gone and only his two friends were still in the booth with us. I recognized them -- they'd been with Collum at the tavern yesterday when he won the argument about who would approach me. Their eyes widened as they took in my tousled state and flushed cheeks. I could see that they were anxious to find out if I really was already prepared to do whatever my man would ask of me.

"My Own, these two don't believe that you are mine. I want you to show them how wrong they are." As he spoke, he lifted the edge of his kilt and gestured me over to where he stood behind the counter. Seeing that he wanted me to suck his cock, my mouth started to water, and I hurried over to him. I knelt down in front of him, almost under the counter, with just the top of my head visible. Using both hands, I pushed his kilt out of the way to reveal his magnificent member. It was thick and smooth, with just a few veins showing along its length. Black hair tufted around the root of his penis in a profusion of silk. I took a moment to rub my cheek against the softness, and to press a kiss to the tender flesh next to his hipbone.

He was beginning to harden, so I ran my tongue up from the tip to the base, along the top of his cock. This brought him to full attention, and I was able to kiss the head as it rose. The magic of a stiffening cock has always fascinated me, and being eye-to-eye with one (so to speak) is one of my greatest pleasures.

Collums' friends were staring in amazement at my willingness to perform so publicly, but in reality I was more sheltered than Collum was. The two men came around to our side of the counter so they could get a better view of what I was doing. I was tempted to simply take him into my mouth right away, but decided to draw it out a bit first. I let loose of his kilt and used both hands to cup is ass and pull him closer, so I could nuzzle his balls and run my tongue along the underside of his cock. Collum grabbed his kilt again and held it up so his friends had a view. When I slid my fingertip over his asshole, his knees buckled and he had to lean back on the narrow ledge behind him. This gave me even better access, and I slid my tongue across his sac and licked that sensitive spot between balls and ass.

I opened my mouth wide and sucked one of his balls in while my fingers danced around his asshole, teasing and tickling. Collum had had enough of my preparations. He grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled my face away from his crotch. "Suck my cock, you beautiful tease," he whispered, looking deep into my eyes. I held his gaze as I planted my closed lips on the moist tip of his rigid cock. Opening just a bit, I flicked my tongue out for a quick taste. He had the flavor of hot leather and salty peat, blended with his own musk, and my head spun with desire as I inhaled it.

My own juices were pooling on the floor between my knees, but my skirts fell around me and concealed the puddle. My blouse had slipped even further off my shoulders, and was just resting on the tops of my tits, which were quivering with my exertions. My nipples were erect and hard as pebbles, and had deepened from pink to cherry red, so they were clearly visible.

Opening my mouth very slowly, I slid him into my wetness, moving my tongue along the length of him.