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Weekend in paradise has its ups and downs.

He kissed her other cheek. His lips left a ring of moisture in the tiny, soft hairs on her skin. Carrie was almost panting. He stuck out his tongue and tenderly touched it to her asshole and Carrie flinched.

"That feels so weird," she said. He did it again and she squirmed. He teased her with the tip of his tongue. "Oh Ethan ... oh Ethan," she moaned, pushing her ass back to make him lick harder. He squeezed her hips and licked all the way up the groove between her cheeks. Carrie squealed. Her legs kicked up and thrashed in the air.

He reached under and stuck a finger in her pussy. She was very warm and wet. He stroked his finger in and out and licked her asshole at the same time. He could imagine how this must have driven her out of her mind. He did it until he couldn't stand it any more himself.

Carrie was gasping when he suddenly stopped licking. She waited a moment. "What are you doing?" she said, wiggling her ass. She turned to try to see him. Ethan was unbuckling his belt. "Oh my God. Are you going to do it to me right here?"

"Yes," Ethan said as he shoved down his pants.

"You're crazy. We're going to get caught by a cop again."

"Maybe." He grabbed her hips and pulled them up to a better position. Her small, wet asshole looked delightful, and he was tempted to shove his cock into it, but it was not the right time to do that. There would be a better opportunity in the future.

Moaning and breathing hard, Carrie reached back for his cock with one hand. "Stick it in," she moaned in a weak, breathy voice. Her legs spread wider to allow him easier access to her vagina.

Ethan slipped his hand down into the groove of her ass and felt for her cunt. Her lips were warm and moist and quivered at his touch. His fingers spread them apart and she sighed. He slipped the head of his cock through her blonde pubic hair and rubbed the head of his cock along her wet slit. Her pink lips closed around the head.

"Damn it, Ethan," Carrie snapped, grinding her hips like a stripper. "Don't tease me like that. Put it in."

Ethan was shocked. He had completely misjudged her desire. A demand like that could not be more clear. He wedged the head between her lips, held her around her waist, and shoved with his hips. Carrie grunted and her back stiffened as his cock penetrated. Ethan watched the veined length disappear inside her.

"Oh ... oh ... oh," she moaned. She was very tight, but it sunk in slowly. He pushed it in as deep as it would go. She held the slats of the bench as he rocked her slowly back and forth. Ethan leaned over her. Her back was against his chest and her tits were in his hands. He could feel her heart beating in her chest. She tossed her head and sent her golden hair whirling around her face.

A few drops of cool water landed on them and they froze.

"Uh oh," Ethan muttered, looking up at the sky. Carrie gazed up at the clouds with disbelief. They both heard the rainfall moving in their direction.

"Not now," Carrie whispered. They both froze in their lovemaking position. Sheets of rain suddenly doused them like a waterfall.

"Let's go," Ethan shouted. He yanked his penis out of her and pulled Carrie by the hand. She hopped behind him, desperately trying to get her panties back up her legs. She knew there was no chance they were going to get home and still be dry, but she thought it might have waited a few more minutes until Ethan finished. He was doing something wonderful to her.

* * * *

They were drenched through their clothes by the time they reached the front door. Standing in the foyer with the door finally closed behind them, soaked and dripping wet, they broke out laughing at their predicament.

"I'll get some towels for us," Carrie said, and combed her wet, slick hair back on her head with her hands. As she started up the stairs, Ethan began to unbutton his shirt. She stopped at the top of the stairs and rested her elbows on the bannister to watch. Ethan looked up at her. She was smiling at him.

"I just want to watch you take

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