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Female neighbor blackmails and then two frat studs.

She is touching herself. I can't take my eyes off her, and yet I feel like I want to cover my face and hide. Her breathing is getting heavier inside that obscene thing and I imagine her lids getting heavy.

I pull at my restraints, desperately trying to release myself. I don't want to play anymore and my rational side is beginning to panic. She just laughs and withdraws her hand. I know what is coming next - her fingers smearing come across my cheek - and I screw my eyes shut. It is thick and sticky, and it smells of pure sexual arousal. Her face comes closer, twisting to get a better view of her prey. She must be able to see the sweat droplets that are collecting at the base of my throat.

There is no urgency to her actions. She is immersing herself in domination, turning into one of Milgram's prison guard's right before my eyes. Even though I know she will stop if I give her the word, I still feel anxious and sick about my reaction. Fuck - that mask. It is doing something to me that is making me feel extremely uncomfortable: all those connotations associated with it. And yet here I am getting wetter by the second, willing her to give me some kind of escape from this captivity.

She climbs on top of me, pinning my body underneath hers. She is humping against me, muttering filthy things I can still make out through the respirator. I can't stop my hips rising up to meet hers, violently bucking against each other, trying to find that little bit of friction. She turns into dead weight, raising herself up to rest on her right elbow.

"I didn't know you had such disturbing fantasies, Ms Vaughan. You like playing the victim just a little bit too much."

I shake my head in response, not wanting to acknowledge what she's said as true. Disturbing images entering my imagination, images she is responsible for.

"Would you get off even more if we had an audience?"

The noise that came from deep within seemed to be from some foreign entity. If I could see her mouth I'd know she'd be smiling at me in that fake, sickly sweet way that never fails to creep me out.

"How about if I let each of them take a turn with your body? Unzip their flies and take out their cocks?"

"Stop it." I hear my choked little voice say.

"You know what to say to make it stop, Ms Vaughan."

She pushes herself up so that she is straddling my thighs. Her hands clasp the hem of her dress once more, lifting it to her waist. Shuffling forward, she positions herself just above my face. I'm becoming almost delirious. I'm not in control of myself anymore and all I want to do is pleasure her.

She must have flung her heels across the room at some point, but is still wearing her tights. I can smell her scent trapped inside them. She lowers herself down until her gusset is almost touching my nose. She isn't wearing any underwear - the silk sodden with her juices. I'm willing her to use my face, grind against me like a sex toy.

"Make me come."

My tongue finds the material, the texture is smoother than I expected, and thin enough for me to have contact with her clit. I've never tasted her as strong as this before, it is earthy, heady and intoxicating. I'd be wanking myself if my hands were free, desperate to feel something between my own legs. Instead my hips are humping against nothing but the air.

Her hips grind into my face, smearing her wetness all over me. I take the material into my mouth and suck, wiping my face gladly with her come, revelling in the filthiness of my situation. Her thighs grip my head as she gets closer to her climax, preventing me from breathing, the moist darkness engulfing me. I am vaguely aware of her calling me a 'fucking whore' as it hits her, before she collapses on top of me.

My face is a soiled mess; I can't even move my hands to wipe it off. She stands up and takes her position next to the bed. I know it will soon start to harden and pull taut against my skin. I can't escape her smell; it must have gone up my nose.

"That was for my pleasure, Ms Vaughan.

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