What Lola wants, Lola gets...or does she? Porn Video

The night ends with Doug pounding Alison in my face

Once inside, she took Derek firmly by the hand and led him upstairs to her room. He pulled Brooke firmly against himself, kissing her hard, his tongue fencing with hers. He grasped both buttocks firmly before reaching up and slowly unzipping her dress. She smiled, thinking, "once again, the little black dress delivers" as the dress slowly slid off of her shoulders and fell around her feet. Derek, realizing she wasn't wearing a bra, leaned down taking each nipple into his mouth in turn, sending cold fire shooting through Brooke's body. She hurriedly removed Derek's shirt before moving to his belt, kneeling in front of him as she pulled his pants and briefs down to his ankles. His hard cock sprang free as she took it deep into her mouth, sucking on it needfully, as if she had to make him cum to survive.

Standing at the window now, Brooke thought, "I'm still not satisfied. It's 3-something in the morning and this lunkhead is in my bed and I still haven't gotten what I wanted, what I need. "

Decision made, Brooke strode over to the bed, reached down and woke Derek, "It's time for you to go"

Still sluggish from sleep, he mumbled, "Ok. How was it?"

"Good", she lied. "Can I see you again", he asked, his voice clearer now. "Yes", she lied again.

Once she had locked the front door, Brooke went back up to her room. She stood at the window again, thinking about how unsatisfied she was. Her mind drifted back to the thrill she got when she first woke up to the feeling of hands on her breasts. As they started to tingle again, her mind drifted further - to the feeling of the kiss on her neck, the invisible hand grabbing her and fingering her. Silently, she admitted to herself just how good it had felt for that instant before she had become alarmed. Slowly, she reached down between her legs and found that she was getting wet. As she began slowly stroking between her slick lips, she felt a kiss on her bare neck again. Startled but aroused, she moaned as she felt hands on her breasts. Keeping her eyes fixed on the window, she took in the sensations, reveling in the ecstasy of the touch. As the hands stimulated her nipples, Brooke slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. "So much better than Derek ", she murmured.

As if emboldened by her comment, the hands left her breasts. She felt a strong hand run through her hair, sending more tingles down her spine. Stopping at the back of her head, the unseen hand grasped her soft, dark hair firmly and pulled her head back. Strong, insistent lips kissed the front of her throat and then began to nibble and suck on the front of her neck before moving to the back of her neck again as she felt something firm pressing against her from behind.

Brooke turned away from the window, hoping to see who or what was doing this but there was no one there. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind; one strong arm around her waist and another across her chest. She began to struggle as she was lifted into the air and placed firmly on the bed. She could feel hands pressing her shoulders into the mattress as she tried to free herself. Her struggles eased somewhat as she felt a mouth take one nipple, nibbling gently. "Yes. Just like that", she moaned, wanting more.

Brooke moaned again as the mouth alternated from one breast to another. The hands holding her down relaxed and began caressing her face, one hand running through her hair before making its way down to caress her hip and stroke her leg.

Brooke felt the two hands move down, grasping at the inside of her knees, trying to pull her legs outward. "No! You can't- whoever you are!"

Again, she felt herself lifted up as her satin nightgown was torn from her, the sound of tearing fabric startling and arousing, "desired so much that he ripped off my clothes", she thought, moaning again. The feel of the cool night air on her naked body was electrifying, sending sparks throughout, adding to the wetness between her legs.

The hands between her knees continued to press outwards.

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