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You share a lovers dream.

"It is," she nodded. "Now usually your daughter relieves my stress."

"She does?" I asked, surprised, even as I stared into her eyes.

"Yes she does," she emphasised. "But she's in the shower and I need my stress relieved right now."

"Is there anything I can do?" I asked, a bit nervously.

"Actually," she replied confidentially, taking my hand and tugging on it, "there is."

I followed her to the couch and she tugged at her bikini top and bottom and tossed them aside.

"W-w-what are you doing?" I stammered, starring at her amazing body.

"Don't play dumb, Mrs. Turner," she said, ripping my blouse open, buttons flying everywhere.

"Beth!" I gasped, even as my cunt gushed into my panties.

"I want to see those tits you hide in your boring business attire," she said, unclasping my bra.

"This is wrong," I protested weakly.

"Shut up and get undressed," she ordered. "Your daughter isn't available, so you'll replace her."

"Replace her how?" I questioned, even though it was getting pretty obvious exactly how I was expected to replace my daughter.

"As my pussy munching slut," she said. "Now get undressed."



Compelled to obey, I got undressed as she pulled toys out of her duffel bag.

Once I was undressed, she ordered, "Knees."

I obeyed.

She spread her legs open and ordered, "Now crawl between my legs and eat your dinner appetizer."

Staring at her glistening pussy, my mouth suddenly watered and my body obeyed, even as my brain argued this was so wrong.

I began licking... instantly in awe at how amazing she tasted... sweet and tangy... exotic.

"Good slut," she moaned. "This is what Samantha has for a snack every day."

I was envious of my daughter... I too would love to have this snack every day... every hour of every day.

I licked... I probed... I nibbled... until her moans got louder and louder and she demanded, "Suck on my clit, Samantha's slut Mom."

I obeyed, my pussy burning at the name calling.

Thirty seconds later she was coming all over my face, and I lapped up the intense sweetness.

She then pulled me up and kissed me.

I came hard, imagining what it would be like to actually taste Beth... or any pussy... something that had never occurred to me before the lesbian act I'd accidentally witnessed.

Sure, I had smelt myself once or twice... out of curiosity.

But I had never tasted myself... and my husband complained that the taste wasn't pleasant... yet, if even a tenth of the stories I read were true... eating pussy was erotic, exotic and sweet.

Suddenly exhausted, I pulled the vibe out of me, rolled over and fell asleep completely naked.

Friday was a half day and other than a presentation to a group of young college women who were in their third year, I had an easy day.

Yet, as I gave my presentation on the fact that there were plenty of opportunities for women in the legal field, I felt my pussy get wet. Each of these girls was gorgeous... there were blondes, brunettes and redheads. Usually I was great at giving speeches, but this time I struggled, making a half dozen mistakes as I kept getting distracted by the pure beauty of these coeds, and the naughty idea of going into a sorority house and volunteering to be a MILF slut for all of them popped into my head.

I had been advised to imagine the audience naked if I was nervous... but that didn't work. Irresistibly, I imagined it was me naked and all of them watching me... lusting after me.

I finished my speech early, completely flustered and ashamed of myself.

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