FreeWork is interrupted by something more fun. Sex Pics

Posing naked get him a few "groupies."

Carole opened the door to let the woman in, and was greeted warmly.

"Hi, I'm Judy, Judy Henderson," the woman said as she swept into the apartment. Carole froze when she heard the woman's name. It was the Henderson account that had gotten her in trouble at the start. Could this woman be associated with that account? As it turned out, she was in fact the wife of Henry Henderson, who was indeed the rich industrialist whose account she had supposedly embezzled.

However, Judy quickly put Carole at ease. She was an upbeat woman of some taste, and Carole quickly found herself liking this woman, in spite of her reservations. Judy spent the day escorting Carole around to all of the important tourist spots, since this was Carole's first time to visit the city. They paid their respects at Ground Zero, drove past the United Nations building, then, after lunch at a very nice restaurant, they took the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty. Along the way, Carole bought some souvenirs for her family, which was hard, since any time she thought about Mark and the kids she was hit with the usual pangs of guilt.

Nevertheless, as the day wore on, Carole spent more and more time stealing glances at Judy with growing lust. Ever since her first lesbian encounter that first day as the liaison officer, Carole had come to appreciate sex between two women, and she found herself thinking about how Judy would look naked. And apparently the feeling was mutual, for Judy started making a point of casually touching Carole as they took in the sights, putting her hands on Carole's arms, brushing a finger across her butt or pressing their thighs together.

So it came as no surprise to Carole that when they returned to the apartment, Judy suggested that Carole accompany her out to their beachfront home on Long Island. A quick call to Paul Bourne's cell phone elicited an OK to go out and spend some time with Judy and her husband. Paul chuckled when the call was completed. It was working out just like they'd planned. Henderson and his wife would treat Carole to a night she would never forget; taking her one more step down the slippery slope to total lust. Carole had bought a little tote bag that pictured a New York scene, and she filled that with a change of clothes and her toiletries.

When they reached the street, they got in the back of the car that had transported them all over town that day, and as the driver took off for the island, Judy pushed a button that allowed an opaque glass to separate the front seat from the back seat. When their privacy had been assured, Judy looked deeply into Carole's eyes, brought her lips to Carole's and the two women kissed slowly at first, but soon they were necking furiously. When they broke the kiss, Judy ran her tongue down Carole's neck as Carole cradled Judy's head in her hands. Judy's left hand snaked between Carole's legs and pressed up against her jean-covered crotch.

After a while, they broke the embrace, both women breathing heavily.

"You don't know how much I've wanted you today," Judy said. "I've been watching those titties of yours bouncing around in that blouse, and it's taken all of my restraint to keep from pulling your shirt open and licking your nipples. Which is what I think I'll do now." And she did, opening Carole's blouse and sucking and licking each nipple in turn.

Carole groaned as she felt Judy's lips and tongue on her sensitive nipples. Judy lavished kisses, sucks and licks on Carole's breasts, then pulled her mouth away and lightly pinched the rock-hard nipples. Both women were panting when Judy pulled her face away from Carole's chest and sat back. Carole didn't need to be asked, but quickly unbuttoned Judy's expensive silk blouse. She filled her hands with Judy's fat tits, which were encased in a black bra, and squeezed as she leaned in and kissed Judy's full lips again.