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Lifting Suni in one swoop, Rayan carried her into their bedroom. Slowly he undressed her.
"Suni, do not move muscle. Tonight, I take care of you." Each time he opened a button, he kissed the skin he exposed. Suni was so hot, so in need of him she begged him to hurry.

"No, my love. Today, I get to feast on your beauty." Rayan replied.

Soon, her breast ached for the feel of his lips. Her pussy yearned for his touch. But he still took his time. Suni was always so composed, so in control that for once, he wanted to drive her beyond the point of endurance. Twisting and moaning, Suni demanded that he ease the fire that burned deep inside of her. "Rayan now." She moaned.

Rayan chuckled. "Patience my beautiful Sunshine, patience." Kissing her lower and lower, he loved feeling her squirm beneath him. Son, he reached the part of her that called to him. The scent of her het was so heady that he moaned and covered her sex with his mouth. Drinking in her juices, Rayan was in heaven when her sweetness covered his tongue. Licking her slowly, Rayan felt her body shudder and knew she was close. Nit one ti give in, he gently sucked her cit, driving her into a mind-numbing orgasm.. Suni held her moan, not wanting to be loud. That was not enough for her dragon lover, the dragon need t hear her, feel her lose control for him.

"Suni, sing for me" He hissed. His animal came forth, with its tongue slithering deep inside if her splitting her. Suni was amazed t hoe dexterous her lover was with his tongue.

"Suni moaned. Within minutes, she was engrossed in another mind-numbing orgasm. "Rayan, I need." Suni pleaded.

"My Sunshine, what do you need?" Rayan asked.

"I need you inside me." She gasped.

"Look at me Suni. Watch me as I make love to you. I want you to see me. See the man that loves you beyond reason." Rayan whispered. Suni's eyes flew to his. Something in his voice sounded urgent. As he entered her body, Suni saw his dragon and his beast fight for dominance. But the man maintained control. Moving in and out of her body, Rayan loved her slowly and completely. She was his, and he needed to make sure everyone knew it.

Bertrand started to call both couples back, but he could sense that they were otherwise engaged. His mate, Serena laughed. "Leave them alone for a while. They will meet us soon." She added. Bertrand nodded, and was overjoyed that two members of Jackson had returned to him.

After a while, both couples emerged from their homes and the children were returned to their parents. They reported to the alpha home immediately and Bertrand and Serena talked with them.

Serena loved both girls. It was obvious the girls had connected over their unique situation, and she also knew that of the two girls, Mari was the more outspoken one. Soon it was time for dinner and they journeyed to the cafeteria to eat with the rest of the pack.

As they entered, all eyes were glued on them. Dreya and Naru held tightly to their mothers and Brecken and Rayan stayed near their mates. Soon the toddlers saw some of their classmates and wanted to play. Alpha Bertrand laughed and told the girls to relax and let the babies have fun.

The couples talked with the alphas a few more minutes and then the Alphas retired for the ravening. Several wolves approached and Suni and Mari met so many new pack members. As the night progressed, they collected their children and headed home.

Their first night at the new compound was exciting. Suni missed her parents and Rayan understood. This was the first time in her life that she was away from them.

He and Suni put Dreya to bed, and after reading several stories she finally slept. Rayan held his mate close as she contacted her parents. Thomas and Hattie were fine, so she relaxed.

Over at Brecken's home, he was at a cross roads. His son refused to sleep in his room without him. He read to Naru, talked to him. He even stretched out on his small bed beside him. As soon as it seemed that he was asleep and Brecken would move, he'd whisper, "Goom stay."

Groaning, Brecken would lay back down.