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But Tommy must've guessed that the idea of punishing and dominating her older sister would've appealed deeply to Lynn. And having her join him in sexually tormenting his wife, donning a big rubber cock as part of it, seemed like a natural idea.

"You joke how you 'love having a cock,' saying you're hung almost as big as me. Cathy, meanwhile, can't keep her eyes off you and your cock, wondering what's in store for her. Well, a lot more is in store.

"Now, wearing your dildo, you pick up the paddle and whip the shit out of your sister's bottom. The way her ankles are attached to the bedposts, her butt is lifted high and nice and exposed for you as you tenderize it some more. Then you step to her face and shove your rubber cock between her lips, all the way down her throat, making her swallow it. She blushes a deep red as she mouths your cock and stares up at you."

Lynn's cunt was literally a waterfall as she listened to this astounding fantasy, a fantasy which was now placing her right in its center. Doing something she in fact would've loved to do, to sexually dominate and torment her overbearing sister.

"Then you pull that dildo strap aside and sit on Cathy's face, making her eat your ass. She tries to avoid that. It's one thing having her husband force her to eat his ass, but to have her younger sister feeding it to her is more than she can stand. But you don't give her much choice, pinching her nipples hard as she finally slides her wet tongue between your buttocks.

"After she's paid your ass sufficient tribute with her tongue, you bring the five-inch stiletto heel of your shoe to her mouth and make her suck it, as though she were sucking a cock. Another torment for Cathy, another she is forced to endure.

"And while she's licking the sole of your shoe, sucking its long heel, I tear the buttplug out of her ass, kneel between her legs and fuck her right up the ass. She howls when she feels my thick cock fill her ass. She's never taken it up the butt before, she'd always refused. But she's in no position to refuse anything now. Neither does she want to, transformed finally into an obedient, willing sex slave for her husband and her sister."

"I guess we both have fantasies about having sex slaves, huh Tommy?" Lynn said, pointing out that her fantasy also involved a woman who was there to sexually serve Lynn's whims.

"I guess so," Tommy said, then continued his depraved tale. "You watch me fuck Cathy's ass, content that first I fucked yours. Then I pull out, and suggest you take my place. You don't even bother with your sister's pussy, shoving it right up her ass instead, slapping her tits while you sodomize her. I lazily fist my cock as I watch you fuck my wife. Finally I take pity on my wife and free up one of her hands. Immediately she drops it to her pussy which she starts rubbing desperately as you continue to fuck her ass with your big rubber cock. A few more stokes and she brings herself to a violent climax, stronger than any she's ever experienced.

"You pull out of her and both of us bring our cocks up to her face. Now she is forced to suck your cock, one that's been up her own ass. Yesterday she would've fainted in shock just at the thought of it, but now she sucks away eagerly, even greedily. Meanwhile I lazily fist myself, cumming all over my wife's face as she continues to suck your dick. Now you unstrap the dildo and plant your pussy right over your sister's face. Her face is smothered with my cum, and you feel it on your pussy, sticky against your thighs, as she licks your cunt and beings you to another climax."

There was a moment of silence now.

"And that, Lynn, is my fantasy,"

"Whew!" Lynn gasped. "Listening to you tell me all that, my pussy's as wet as a dishrag!"

"I wish I had that wet pussy of yours right here, right now," he told her.

"And I wish I had your hard cock right before my very eyes."

But Lynn was in Texas and Tommy was in Ohio. Hundreds of miles separated them from each other.

"What would you do to that cock if