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Does a man make his own luck in life?

The rest of dinner was complete humiliation. My meal was ordered for me chicken fingers and Mac n cheese. Liz reached in the diaper bag and found a sip cup that she handed the waiter and asked him to fill it with milk, explaining that I was still a bit unsteady with an adult glass. Cathy cut my meal for me; and then both she and Liz took turns with my spoon, I wasn't allowed anything sharp like a fork or a knife, and fed me. By the time we'd left I was so hot and horny, so humiliated and so in love with my mommies.

When the valet brought the car I let him help me into my car seat and I saw that I had pleased my mommies. On the ride home all was quiet and when we pulled up to the house and saw the car in the yard, I realized that Liz's two daughters were home and prayed they would not parade me this way in front of them too. I underestimated the determination of Cathy and Liz to be my mom or for me to be their baby. Liz turned to me and said.

"Not a sound from you or you'll have a spanking you won't forget. Cathy and I want to see what the girls are up to, they're not supposed to be here tonight."

"Listen to your mommy, because I too will spank you if you cause a problem, now does my baby want her bottom spanked that hard -- twice?"

"No mommy, I'll be quiet."

The three of us made it to the living room window without a sound and I could not hold back a gasp when I looked inside. Both Cathy and Liz mimicked my gasp so at least I wasn't the only one shocked. Fortunately neither Claire nor Louise heard us and that's not all that surprising. Claire was standing with her back to us, naked with a cock strapped to her waist and Louise was tied to the coffee table, naked with her legs and arms spread and tied to the table legs. Her mouth was gagged and she was sobbing and shaking her head no. I could hear her sobs and Claire's laugh as Liz darted to the front door, quickly followed by Cathy and me. The three of us stood with our mouths open as Claire turned in shock at our presence.

"So what in the fuck do you two think you're doing in this house?"

Liz was upset; I could hear it in her voice. Claire, though shocked was not seemingly bothered and calmly said to her mother.

"This bitch Louise has been telling the whole fucking school that I'm some sort of dyke and then I find out that our little Louise is still a virgin so I figured her virginity would make up for her lies."

"So you're going to fuck your sister, take her virginity right here in Chloe and my house? Then what were you gonna do leave her here while you danced in some bar shouting about your triumph over your sister?"

Liz was even madder now and I could see something in Cathy's eyes as she pulled Liz aside and whispered in her ear. Liz was shaking her head but listened and after some time and some back and forth whispering Liz turned back to Claire and said.

"No, I won't have it this way. The two of you are showing me and Cathy that you have yet to grow up so for the next few days you'll both return to your childhoods."

With that she pulled my dress up and exposed my rubber pants and what had to be a soggy diaper underneath. I saw Claire and even Louise smile and giggle until they realized that they too would soon be diapered and made into babies. I was staring at the two naked girls and wondering how I could have them, ignoring the rest of the action and the shouts and denials from both Claire and Louise. They were both beautiful young women with large firm tits and round firm butts. Oh how I could enjoy opening them up, and did I hear Louise was still a virgin?

Liz, Cathy and Claire began to argue about how Claire was too old to be treated this way and how Louise had earned what was coming to her.