FreeA master makes his new slave earn her new role. Sex Pics

The wrong room leads to a night of passion.

I love you son and talk to you soon." Jeff said.

They all said there good byes and as Josh hung up the phone he felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He also had a better perspective of his parents. This trip had only been another get away, now it was pivotal event in his life. Josh was going over all that was happening as he sat down.

"How was the phone call?" Jason asked as he set down a plate of food.

"It went really well. They are going to take care of some things by the time we get home."

"What kind of things?"

"They wouldn't tell me. I also told them I was gay."

"How'd they react?"

"They already knew and where just waiting for me to tell them."

"See and you worried for nothing." Jason shook his head smiling amiably.

"Yeah I guess, you knew, my parents knew, it's like I am the only one who was clueless."

"Hey, I'm an observant guy." Jason offered.

They both chuckled as Josh put more food in his mouth, "Have you seen Steve this morning?" He asked as his thoughts went to him.

"He was down about a half hour before you came up."

"How was he?"

"I could tell he didn't sleep much. He didn't want anything to eat. He came down for some coffee and went back to his bedroom."

"He didn't say anything to you?"

"Not really but I could tell he was still upset. Look, I know you're still pissed at him, and you have every right to be, but you need to go and talk to him."

"I know, I'm just so mad at him for what he did."

"Understandable, but you have to talk to him. He's still your best friend."

"Was my best friend."

"Josh don't say that. Right now he's very confused. He finally admitted to the fact that he's gay and is in love with you. He needs you right now just like Justin does. Look I'll make him something to eat and you can take it to him and talk about things."

"If you insist." Josh did not like the idea, but Jason had made some valid points, but he was not going to be happy about it.

"I do. It will only take me a few minutes to whip something up."

After Jason made his special scrambled eggs with cheese and fried up some bacon Josh took it up to Steve's room. When he entered the room he noticed Steve was laying on the bed.

"I brought you something to eat." He offered.

"I'm not hungry." Steve kept his eyes closed as he spoke.

"Steve, you need to eat. You haven't had anything since yesterday."

"My stomach's not feeling all that great, I don't know if I can keep anything down. Besides I have a lot on my mind and I just need to think about things." Steve finally opened his eyes and looked at Josh.

Steve's handsome face had aged over the course of a night, the muscles drawn tight. His eyes had circles beneath them from lack of sleep, and his startling hazel eyes were horribly blood-shot. Josh had a better understanding of why Jason insisted he speak to him.

Josh sat the food on the night stand and sat on the edge of the bed. "Why don't you talk to me about whatever is on your mind?"

"Josh I think you know what's on my mind."

"So what if I do, that's what friends do they talk things out."

Steve pulled himself upright and sat beside Josh. "You still consider me a friend, even after I hurt Justin."

"Yes I do. It might take me some time to get over it, but I'm not going to throw away a lifetime of memories. I'm here because of all of those times, so talk."

"I don't even know where to start." Steve's voice wavered he was still suffering from the weight of his emotions.

"How about we start with you're gay?" Josh said calmly.

"Shit, you sound like my therapist." Steve ran his hands through his thick dirty blonde hair.

Josh did not say anything, although it was news to him that his best friend had a therapist. Finally Steve sighed and began to talk.

"I always knew I was gay.