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The sexiest afternoon of Alexis' life has come.

She opened the door, watching his molten eyes peruse her body. He noted the liquid dripping from her neck into the valley of her bosom. Rogue swore that she saw his eyes glow a light golden hue as his orbs continued to travel down the length of her body to her bare feet and back up to hair tied in a messy bun.

He audibly cleared his throat, unknowingly licking his lips in the process. "I didn't mean to interrupt, but I was worried when you didn't answer my call or my messages."

"Antonio," she replied breathlessly as his intoxicating cologne wafted to her nostrils. She reciprocated his perusal, eyeing his big biceps openly from his dressy, sleeveless shirt. It was a nice green and black checkered pattern which reminded her of a something a cholo would wear. He had on khaki shorts and brown boat shoes, allowing her eyes to linger on his defined leg muscles. "Toni."

In one breath Antonio had her flushed up against his body, her legs wrapped around his tapered waist and her fingers dancing in his loose hair. He kicked her door closed, backpedaling to lock it while he kissed her breath away. Rogue moaned, admitting that she had missed him immensely even if she had only been gone for a week. "I've missed you so much," he confessed as if reading her mind.

Rogue moaned her response as he walked them in the direction of her bedroom. They laid against the comforter of her bed, her body cheering as his weight pressed into her. His erection was nicely nestled between her thighs as they continued to kiss; their tongues lazily stroked each other as they took turns nibbling on each other's lips. His large left hand remained encircled about her midriff while his right caressed a steamy path up to her left breast and squeezed. A cry of surprise escaped between their kiss before she commenced sucking on his neck.

His moans and grunts were encouraging her, riling and stoking her internal fire. Her core began to ache like nothing before. She wanted this man. She had never felt this way about anyone, and Rogue knew that she would never feel this way again for anyone unless that person was Antonio. When his warm flesh connected with the soft tissue of her breast, Rogue wasn't shocked. She arched into his touch, her pebbled nipple receiving his undivided attention.

Antonio easily inched her body up, bringing her bared breast in his line of vision. When he had slipped open her robe, Rogue didn't know and neither did she care. She just needed him to calm the downpour between her thighs. The sweet smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies and roses began to fill her room. His hot mouth settled about her exposed nipple and Rogue swore that her soul left her body. "You taste amazing," he told her, eagerly returning his attention to her breast. His lips trailed upwards to her clavicle and to the top of her shoulders. He inhaled deeply once he reached the crook of her neck.

He paused momentarily to gaze upon her natural beauty, noticing that she was glowing. "Baby, if this is going too fast..."

Rogue grasped the collar of his smooth shirt to pull him back towards her. She kissed him sweetly then sighed, "This is just perfect."

"I need to taste you," he told her, his left hand unwinding from her body to trail down to her lower lips. His hand was soaked and so was her robe. He quickly sat up on his knees, his eyes assessing her state of arousal. "X," he began again distractedly. He closed his eyes in vain as images of her naked body replayed on the inside of his eyelids.

"Wha-what is it, Toni?"

He truly loved when she called him Toni.

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