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It was early in this small town, there was no other staff and I was the only customer, so no-one commented on the waitress sitting next to me (including the waitress herself as I had removed her ability to speak).

I drank my coffee with one hand and lifted her dress with the other, stroking between her legs over her white panties. Soon my cup was empty, and the waitress and I retired to the back room. Instead of admiring the vista of an unspoiled countryside, I admired the blonde waitress' unspoiled tight round ass as she bent over, hitched up her skirt and pulled down her panties in front of me. Fucking a dancer is always fun because of their flexibility: being able to bend her legs behind her head meant I could watch her eyes widen in shock as I pushed my dick slowly into her asshole. Any new customers in the cafe had to be patient while I fucked this fit teen's no-longer virgin ass, before unloading my cum inside her warm mouth - didn't want to mess up her dress, she still had to fetch me a second cup of coffee.

A trip to an art gallery became especially educational for one shapely black girl. This nineteen year old's most noticeable features were a mass of frizzy hair dyed bright red, and an ass out of all proportion to her tall delicate frame. A friendly guard lent us his keys to the basement and then forgot meeting us. Of course I fucked that ass, it would be wasteful not to. Laying on the floor of the basement among stacks of paintings, it was great fun to watch my dick appearing and disappearing into this dark beauty as she squatted over me, twerking her booty. But it was her oral skills that proved the most rewarding. For fun I reached into her mind and adjusted her emotions as she knelt in front of me.

I dialed her fear and horror way back and her anger up as far as it could go. The result was her swearing and cursing and promising all manner of violence whenever she could talk, which was not often as her mouth was mostly busy pleasuring my dick, taking the head between her lips while fluttering her very talented tongue over me, before sucking me deep into her throat. I helped occasionally by placing my hand among those frizzy red tresses and pushing my dick in further, while she looked up at me with brown eyes filled with hatred. The contradiction was greatly enjoyable (for me), and ended with her simply repeating "fuck you" as she obediently turned her face up to receive my load of warm sticky cum.

Lunch at a suburban restaurant ended with dessert at the home of a fellow diner, an Indian-American woman in her mid twenties who was (un)fortunate enough to catch my eye. Dusky and pretty, with expressive eyes and a trim physique despite having given birth a few months ago. I exchanged a good night's sleep for her and her baby (the first in months) for a hot bath and soapy titfuck. Protip: baby bath soap makes excellent lubricant for pumping your dick between large soft breasts. We did make a mess of the floor when she climbed into the bath though - most of the bath water splashed onto the floor as she rode me to climax. I ordered her to dry the floor with towels afterwards, but the sight of her naked sud-covered ass proved enough to wake my dick up again. And so the cleaning went neglected while I introduced my shapely entertainment to the delights of anal sex. Well, for me it was delightful - if I hadn't mentally removed her ability to talk her screams would have woken her child. Instead she lay prone on the floor and was silent except for the rhythmic slapping sounds of wet flesh as I enthusiastically violated her asshole.

Some things do require punctuality, however.