FreeHe is divine and soothes my soul. Sex Pics

At a Halloween party he gets more than he bargained for.

"Oh... God... Yes.... You!! I want you!!! Do that again. Harder..." and I feel you slide out of me.

Expecting an even harder re-entry, I brace myself against the couch only to almost cum the minute your cock dives deep into my ass. I cry out, but you do it again. You're so huge and I want every inch of you as you repeatedly slam into my ass. Hard and fast.

I can't help myself, I'm starting to cum hard and still I want you more. "Harder" I moan, but you keep on the same pace. Right at the edge of a massive orgasm, I try my hardest to slam back against you, but you've got my hips so tight in your hands, holding them in place as you fuck my ass, over and over. "Oh god, please!! I'm gonna cum!! Fuck me!!! Fuck me hard!!! Oh god!!! Harder!!!!!!!! Please!!!"

This time you do. I've never been fucked this hard ever, my ass pounding hard into your crotch, your cock as far as it can go up my ass. Harder and harder. With every thrust I can feel your balls smack against my pussy, sometimes my clit, sending more and more electric sensations thru me. I scream into the couch as you fuck me, I'm cumming so hard I can feel my own wetness starting to run along my inner thigh. With a few more pumps of your hips, I feel you cum deep in my ass and finally my orgasm subsides as you pull out.

You step back and I turn around, falling against you as you catch me to hold me up. My legs are weak but I want more. I start kissing your chest and arms but instead you tilt my chin up towards you and kiss my lips.

"I love you," you tell me with that little smile of your, and you give me a giant hug. I bury my head into your chest and just breathe you in. "I love you too... " I look up at you again and try to kiss you, but you let go of me and take a step back. My legs are still wobbly as you take hold of my wrist and thrust my towards the bed. I fall onto all fours on the bed, and after moving into the center, I start to roll over, to make room for you, but I feel you climb behind me holding my hips, again keeping me from moving.

I tense up a little, knowing this position hasn't happened yet, and afraid it wont again. I've been wanting you to fuck me like this since we first started dating, but I know it hurts your knees and that's a big part of why we've never done it.

I wait quietly, hoping. Wanting you more and more. Finally I feel the tip of your cock slide into my pussy, testing it almost. You move in closer to me, and at the same time, start to push in deeper. I can't help it. I've been waiting for this for so long, and I push back, making your cock go completely in me. I sigh, it feels so good. Just what I expected.

"So... What's up?" You ask as you pull out slowly and just as slowly re-enter me.

"I've wanted to try this for so long. It feels so good. Thank you baby.... Ooohhhh....." I start to moan as you slowly find a rhythm. "Just don't stop, please... Don't stop."

I think you're starting to get a little more turned on, cause you slowly start going faster... Still gentle... And faster... A little harder...

I can't take it anymore; the months of hoping for this has built up so much that I start to cum already. I bury my face into the pillow as I start to cry out. But it seems like with ever noise I make, you fuck me harder. And deeper. With every thrust your balls smack hard against my clit, making me cum ever more. I'm screaming into the pillow, gasping for air, "oh god, oh god, fuck me!! Yes! Oh god Justin, please, don't stop don't stop!!" You're pounding me as hard as I think you possibly can, I'm almost in pain, but it feels so good, I don't want it to stop. Just as I'm about to reach my climax, you go even deeper and I scream out, cumming harder than any other time tonight. My whole body is shaking as I feel you hold deep inside me as you cum, my pussy contracting and releasing around your cock, almost as if it's trying to suck every drop out of you.

Finally you pull out, and I collapse onto the bed.