It was simple work and it paid well, plus she got to play. Porn Video

Katie has a surprise for her brother's 18th birthday.

"Oh did he now?" said Jimmy disapprovingly to his captive. "Well perhaps you need to cool off a little, come with me." Jimmy pulled the complaining husband away ignoring the cusses and threats as he struggled to get free. As he looked back at me I smiled and winked making sure he could clearly see his sexy wife running her hand slowly up and down my hard shaft.

"What's your name sexy lady?" I asked as I moaned and groaned, showing I really appreciated her actions.

"Charley" she said meekly, her words as delicate as her touch.

"And that was your husband? He seems a very angry man." I dropped my gaze and became transfixed unable to take my eyes off her pale but sun kissed hand on my hard black shaft, it was so beautiful.

"He is just very competitive." She tried to defend him "He wanted to come here and show me off then he wanted to show how good he could fuck."

"And how good can he fuck?" I asked interrupting her. She glanced longingly at my cock, her hand moving more swiftly up and down its length as she considered her answer.

"The best I've ever had" she said, then paused dramatically before raising her eyes to mine "so far." She finished with a lowered seductive tone in her voice. I needed no further invitation; I moved and she reluctantly let my cock go so I could take up a position behind her. I reached over to a pot of condoms on a stand next to the table and rummaged through finding a large size. Opening it I placed it over the head of my shaft and slowly rolled it down, fitting my cock snugly.

I then leant forward and put my hands on her beautiful flared hips. As I looked up I saw her staring back at me our eyes fixed on each other as I pushed the tip of my cock against her moist pussy. We watched each other as I forced my hard cock into her; I watched pleasure spread over her face as her eyes closed slowly. Her tight pussy closed round me firmly and with the head half way in I met my first resistance. I watched her mouth opened slightly in pain as she struggled to accommodate my huge cock.

As I pulled back I watched her eyes reopen and widen spreading a look of longing across her face. I almost fell out of her as I gave her a second. The next thrust I pushed forward hard and witnessed what can only be described as pure lust cross her face. She gave up trying to watch me and turned away to grip the table for support from my aggressive penetration. With this thrust my whole cock head split her pussy open letting me fully enter her. She felt like a vice, her tight pussy gripped my solid raging shaft as I buried as much as I could inside her. Enjoying the sensation for a moment; I eventually grunted again as I pulled my cock backward, not letting the head leave her. Just as I had before I rammed in, pushing her wider, forcing my thick, long rod deeper inside her. I heard her gasp with pleasure and surprise as I repeated this pumping action, settling in to a slow rhythm. I loved the feel of her tight pussy massaging my length. Every time I pulled back she gripped my cock harder and every time I rammed back in she relaxed to let me get deeper.

By now I was about half way in and had not made any progress for a few thrusts. She was so slick with natural lubrication as I fucked her tight body and I could feel her juices rolling down my long length and dripping onto my balls. Her strawberry blond hair flicked over her shoulders as she kept throwing her head back with every groan and letting it sink forward again as she arched herself into me.

Digging in my nails I swung from her hips pulling her up onto her knees as I rammed home and dropped her back onto the table as I pulled back.

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