Kimmy hates what she is forced to do, or does she? Porn Video

Can any man compare to Don Juan?

Way up firm and high ..." I tried to be gentlemen enough to look away, but my stare lingered far too long. The elevator doors opened. Megan strode into the halls making the maze of lefts and rights that I had long since forgotten. When she paused in front of room 1569 I laughed aloud.

"Don't tell me?" Megan said, as if reading my mind.

"Yep," I answered. "My old room."

"Well, come on up to 15 and 69." She said. I guess my mouth fell open slightly. "You didn't say that in your day eh?" She asked.

I shook my head slightly.

"But that's what we are here for, isn't it?" She asked, her hand paused on the door knob.

I took a longing look at those breasts, that flat little tummy. Her soft face and angelic eyes, and I spoke the honest truth. "God, I hope so!"

She stepped into the room and I started to close the door behind us. "You'll have to leave it open." She said.

"What?" I asked.

She laughed. "I know. It's pretty arcane, but that's the rule. If there is a man in the room the door has to stay open."

"You're kidding."

"Nope, but you can't see the bed from the hallway and besides..." She took my hand and put it to her shorts, just over the zipper. She placed her hand over mine and pressed hard, grinding herself against the palm of my hand. The heat coming from her soaked jeans made me believe that the rain hadn't done all of that work. "...makes it a little more exciting doesn't it?" She winked at me. "Besides, you wouldn't want to get me in trouble would you? With the door rule? It's one rule I just hate to break."

"I wouldn't want to get YOU in trouble?" I said laughing.

I was about to remove my hand when she pulled in her belly yanked her jeans at the belt line and stuck my hand in the opening. My fingers touched smooth chiffon like panties and beneath that felt her mound which burned with heat. I gasped and said, "Do you have any idea how effectively you are seducing me?"

"Show me." She said, putting her free hand behind my head and pulling me in for our first kiss.

I stared briefly into her clear green eyes and saw such depth, such vitality. Had I ever been this alive? This young? Her eyes danced and sparkled with excitement. I put her head in the crook of my left arm and kissed her deeply. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and met her own. We battled fiercely and with great desire. My right hand was still in her pants, I found the top of her panties with one finger and pushed them lower. Running my fingers lightly across her I felt only the smallest tuft of pubic hair.

She broke the kiss and pushed me back, and for one terrible instant I was sure that it had been a set up and that she was going to yell rape. My eyes flew to the open door.

"Sit on the bed," she said. "I have been fantasying about this moment for weeks now and I don't want to blow it now, just because I'm nervous." As I sat down she walked over to a small CD player and pressed a button. I knew the song before the second cord. Prince, When Doves Fly. She bit her lower lip again and - eyes still closed - started to sway in place. Then she began to dance for me. And strip.

The tee-shirt was the first to go. It came off with such ease and grace that it was gone before I knew that it was going to happen. I heard myself sucking air between my teeth. Megan was more beautiful than I had even imagined. Her long thin torso was graced by perfectly proportioned breasts, which sat majestically over a belly just as flat and firm as any man could desire. When she turned her hips a taunt little line that ran from just above her belly button to the bottom of her rib cage showed off her perfectly segmented stomach. I thought of telling her that this line was caused by the rectus abdominis muscles - but for once I was able to keep my nervous mouth shut.

I looked again at the open door.

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