FreeValerie learns something. Sex Pics

A fantasy with someone I enjoy.

I opened a bottle of water and poured myself some and sipped it. It was only when looking at the rim of the glass that I noticed something was missing. I had seen some of my mums friends leave lipstick on the edge of the glass where they had sipped there drink, I was missing make up. I hurried the best I could back to the bedroom and sat down at the dressing table, I opened the drawers and looked in; there were bottles of lube, condoms, belts, gags, until I found it a make up box. I opened it and was dazzled by the colours.

I didn't realise how long I had been there applying the makeup to my face, and wiping it off again and trying again, I looked at myself with bright red lipstick on, blusher, eye shadow and mascara which was running a little as in poked myself in the eye with the brush. It was then when I heard it, a cough came from the door way of the bedroom. Mathew was there in a new blue suit which reflected his bright eyes.

I turned to look at him "well look at you. Like a proper little slut" he said his voice didn't show anger more lust than temper. "So Alexis, been having fun have we?" he said and walked over, his eyes gently looking over her.

"Yes Sir" I said and stood up, I naturally placed my hands folded in front of me. 2I tried to make myself up for you sir. I didn't do anything wrong did I sir?" I asked, it was here when it hit I had used this makeup with out permission; I had got dressed in a clean uniform without his permission.

"No Nothing wrong, nothing wrong at all" Mathew said and gently stroked my face, with the back of his hand "You look like a real slut Alexis, you look like a really whore who wants some of sirs cock buried deep in that throat of yours" he said his hand now at my neck, it then moved to my shoulder and gently forced me down to my knees.

When the floor hit my knees the pressure on my shoulder stopped. "Take it out and show me how much my slut Alexis wants my cock" he said kindly, I reached up with my hands and undid his pants pulling them down a little, along with his underwear, his hard member sprang out at me, I bit my lip and leaned forward and kissed the big throbbing head.

"I want your cock si........." before I could finish he had pushed his cock into my mouth while I was talking, he pushed it right to the back of my throat, he was forcing it down, I gagged on it but he still pushed. I obviously had applied to much lipstick and as he pulled out his cock, my lips had left a streak of shockingly bright red along his big thick shaft. "You dirty filthy slut" he said seeing his cock.

I was excited my cock was in agony, my balls were tight, but I wanted more of his cock. I wanted his cock in mouth, down my throat, in my ass, I wanted it wall. I reached up with my right hand to grip his cock, to show him I wanted more. Then it happened. I felt a sharp pain across my face, my excitement had gone, my cheek stung, he slapped me around the face and sent me crashing to the floor.

"Did I say use your hands? Did i?" he shouted, and then I heard him rustle something and come over to me, he pinned to the floor on my front, grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me, when I had undone his belt he whipped it out and wrapped around my hands tying them in place. He then yanked me back up onto my knees, his cock slapping my face.

He reached round and gripped the back of my head and forced his cock into my mouth and began to fuck my face violently, I barely had chance to get air, as his massive tool thumped its way home down my throat.

"You call your self a maid, look at this room, its filthy, wet towels on the floor, and dirty clothes on the floor." he said, every word he thrust down my throat, tears started to fall from my eyes. He then pushed me of his cock and onto the floor.

He reached down to the clothes on the floor and grabbed the old leather panties, and stuffed them into my mouth, gagging me.