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Revenge isn't always as sweet as it is expected to be.

"Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you."

"Please, oh please fuck me." Jennifer pleaded wanting to cum.

"Take it." Patti said as she fucked Jennifer's tight little pussy, in and out faster and harder.

Jennifer had never felt like this before, no guy had ever made her feel like this. She looked down and watched as Patti fucked her. "Fuck that is good." she said as Patti licked her clit and gave her that dildo. "Yes, yes, yes." she moaned "Harder, fuck me hard." she begged.

Patti did as she was asked, fucking that hot wet pussy harder. She could hear Jennifer gasping with pleasure. "I'm going to make you cum."

"Please, please make me cum." she begged, she was so close to cumming it wouldn't take much more to send her over the edge.

"Cum for me." Patti told her slamming that toy deeply inside Jennifer's pussy, in and out she fucked her. Seeing the juices pouring out of that pussy. She pulled the dildo out and replaced it with her fingers.

Fucking Jennifer fast and deep, she bent down and licked and slurped up the juices.

"Now, oh fuck now!!!!!!!" Jennifer moaned loudly, humping her hips into Patti's face.

Patti was loving this, making this young girl cum. She loved the taste of her pussy. In and out she finger fucked Jennifer. She could feel her pussy tighten around her fingers. She knew Jennifer was going to cum. "Cum for me."

"Ahhh, ccuuuummmmiiinnnggg." Jennifer moaned loudly as she climaxed, half way lifting her body off of the bed as she came, jerking with her climax. "Yes oh fuck yes."
Patti held on to Jennifer as she climaxed, feeling the contractions of Jennifer's pussy around her fingers. "I can feel you cumming." Patti said as she pulled her fingers away and bent down and licked the pussy juices pouring out of Jennifer's pussy. Patti moved back up on the bed next to Jennifer and laid down next to her, leaning into her she kissed her.

Jennifer returned the kiss, slipping her tongue into Patti's mouth. She knew it now she was Bi no doubt about it. She loved pussy, and she was going to try some.

"I want to eat your pussy." she told Patti as she moved down on the bed and between Patti's spread legs. She looked up at Patti as she placed her hands on either side of Patti's legs.

"It's okay sweetie, don't be afraid." Patti told her as she watched. "Just do the same things to me that I did for you. You'll get the hang of it." she said as Jennifer took one hand and spread Patti's pussy open.

"You're so wet." Jennifer said as she caressed Patti's wet slit. "Mmmm." she said as she licked Patti's pussy for the first time. She did like the taste, she continued to lick and she took Patti's big pussy lips into her mouth and sucked on them. "You taste so good." she said as she licked and sucked that pussy.

"Oh yeah, just like that." Patti said encouraging Jennifer, Patti pinched her nipples hard, twisting them. "You are a natural." she said as Jennifer continued to lick and suck on her.

Pulling into the driveway Ted noticed a strange car, wondering who it was he pulled into the garage . Walking into the kitchen from the garage he wondered where Patti and the company were.

"Hon, are you in here?" he asked walking into the living room, Nope she wasn't there. "Maybe she's in the office." he said walking toward the office he thought he heard noises coming from the basement.

"Oh yes, eat my pussy." Patti moaned as Ted quietly walked down the stairs. Getting almost to the bottom of the stairs he saw his wife lieing on the bed with her legs spread wide and a young girl eating her pussy.

Ted stood there watching the action, neither of them knew he was there.