FreeThe ambiance of us is bound to start an interlude. Sex Pics

A Christmas Grinch gets a visit from the supermodel.

To start with he would get annoyed when she slept around.

He was determined to make it work and for them to be happily married, eventually falling in love with each other.

But that had not happened; he went from feeling angry that she slept with other men to accepting it to feeling nothing.

He felt nothing for her anymore, the years of her whoring around, dating other men, getting ridiculously drunk and spending his money left, right and centre had taken its toll, he tried to love her but she made it impossible and now he felt devoid of feeling, even when she cried.

His father had always told him; there is one thing worse than hating the person you are supposed to love, and that is feeling nothing for them. No matter whether they beat you up emotional, physically or fall apart in front of you, you still feel something.

But if they've made it so bad for you, you feel empty and couldn't care what happened to them, then they must have really destroyed the relationship and broke you down.

Matt had never thought he could feel that much disdain for someone. But he did.

He never really thought about leaving her, simply because he couldn't be bothered, it was more effort than she was worth. But for Honey, it was worth it.

Drifting to sleep with the thoughts of Honey. Just as he was about to go into a deep sleep, Matt heard the beep of his pager.

She was awake his Honey was awake.


Honey woke up feeling, disorientated to say the least and kind of high!

Feeling light headed but generally ok, she tried to get up.

A scream of pain was heard throughout the ward, even through the walls of her private room.

Never had Honey felt pain like that in her life, almost to the point of passing out. Night nurses came running to her bedside, helping her back into bed and administering more morphine to her IV.

That's when Honey remembered what had happened, she must be in hospital. That light must have been a car and that car must have hit her.

She didn't know how long she had laid there but the Morphine had started to kick in again and she realised in her hazy state how truly alone she was.

She wanted someone to care for her, that loved her. Yes there was Kimmy and her dad but it was not the same. They were her family, no, she wanted someone to be in love with her, to look after her in her times of need and share her life with in times of happiness. She didn't know whether it was the morphine, the pain or just raw emotion but she started to cry. Not just sob but cry her heart out, she hadn't cried in with so much feeling since her mother died. This only made her cry harder.

That's when Matt walked in, with a look of concern etched across his face.

"W-what are you doing here Matt?" she managed to stammer out.


Matt didn't know what to do, he dreamed of this day; what he would say, what he would do.

In his head he was going to say something mind blowing and sweep her off her feet.

Sadly that didn't happen.

"I'm the consultant on call."

Kicking himself, he decided he would have to rectify the situation later. He'd make it up to her, after all he had the rest of their life to do that. He hoped.

"So is there anything I can do for you whilst I'm here Miss Richards? Call anyone? More painkillers? Cup of tea?"

"Umm... just a glass of water please" she replied somewhat croakily.

"There's some on the stand next to you, would you like me to pour you some?"

"No, no it's fine... I can manage. It's fine, you can leave now, I'm sure you have more important things to do round here."

"Well, it's pretty quiet, so I can stay as long as you need."

"Honestly I'm ok, I just want to know how long I have been out for?"

"About four and a half weeks."

Her response was simply a nod.

As Matt turned to leave, he heard an almost inaudible noise.

Then there it was again.

Sniffling, weeping. She was crying.

He rushed back over to her.

"Are you ok?! Honey?! Where's it hurting?!"

"I'm not in pain Matt, well at least not physically. I feel bad."

"What do you feel bad about?" Relief washing over his face,