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In a way the doctors assigned to a patient's care were meant to be "parent" figures. Catsy's suspicion about the relationship between Matthew and Dr Harrison was starting to carry more weight. Dr Harrison, along with Dr Raleigh, had been her carers growing up. She reluctantly had to feel some pity for Matthew for having only Dr Harrison. Dr Raleigh had been a source of light for her in this dark place.

There was no mention of Dr Harrison being Matthew's father in the first volume that she could see -which is what she suspected he was. Why someone-even Dr Harrison-would clone and incarcerate their own son; she could not fathom. Towards the end of the file, it reported Matthew growing out of his mild manner and starting to act out. He was stealing peoples' things - favouring anything with a sharp edge or pointy end. What followed in volume two were injury reports from staff. A lot of people quit as a result and that led to Matthew's eventual imprisonment in east wing. There seemed to be a lot of reports detailing experimentation on him. She couldn't be sure if his acting out was the cause or the result; the file was so jumbled. That was, until she read the experiment findings. After that she was quite sure Matthew's acting out was because of what was being done to him. The experiments involved operations where organs were removed and then the connecting tissue either side was reattached minus whatever organ had been taken out. The reports said that Matthew's body had to be kept partially open for days to observe the regrowth of the organ. The process was monitored to keep track of how long each organ took to regenerate. For some reason Matthew had the capability to regrow missing organs. Catsy had to wonder if that had been the purpose of his creation. TLT was harvesting his organs. The file didn't expound on where they were bound or why. If his body had been kept open for days, Matthew might have been awake for some of that. No one could have stayed sane after being put through that process repeatedly. There was no care spared for Matthew's state of mind, not even from Dr Harrison. -Though Matthew did undergo regular and comprehensive psych evaluations which took up a large portion of the file.

Hundreds of operation and injury reports later, Catsy began reading reports written by Dr Harrison on Matthew's compatibility with other female clones. Matthew had rejected the idea of going anywhere near females that had reached maturity, despite being biologically an adult himself. Trying to force him had caused panic attacks. He had lashed out at more than half of those presented to him. A couple of the first ones had lost their lives due to Dr Harrison's lack of proper supervision. That's when children had been taken to him instead in the hopes that he would bond with them enough to carry that connection into their adulthood. Catsy knew she must have been one of them before she got to her own report. She got as far as reading her age before she threw the file down. She had been seven years old.

It was stuffy and warm and Catsy had a driving need for fresh air. She pressed her back against the comparatively cold steel filing cabinets behind her. She rubbed the dampness from her forehead with the back of her hand. There was a strange kind of melancholy to be found in reading a file like Matthew Harrison's. She thought her own childhood had been bad enough but others had experienced worse here. Her perception of TLT was somehow distorting into something even more darkly twisted.

She took a deep breath and bent over the file to finish reading.