FreeHis wife's first experience with lactation and sex. Sex Pics

Husband's away, wife gets extraordinary help.

Okay babe?"

Carole nodded her head.

"I mean you know Richie and I can overpower you and fill that gorgeous snatch of yours as full as your niece's don't you?"

Again the nod.

"Then bend over."

Carole was aghast at the prospect but did as ordered. I nodded to Richie and he undid her button and unzipped the skirt. Carole maneuvered herself to help him ease the garment over her heels.

I unlocked the cuffs and Carole went to rise.

"I didn't say you could get up!"

Subdued she bent back over the bed.

I pulled the blouse and jacket from her and threw them into a corner where they joined a pool of Helen's clothes. Neither woman would be needing them for a long time.

"Stand up!" I snapped.

Carole wobbled to her feet. A vision of loveliness stood before us. On high heels and wearing a pale blue matching bra and panties it was all a horny nephew could wish for. Until the aforementioned Aunt got her tits out anyhow!

"Unhook your bra you tease. Time to make us horny you hot bitch."

Helen had moved onto her side to afford herself a better view of proceedings and Richie had his eyes glued to her every move.

Carole hesitated just a shade too long.

"NOW!" I yelled.

She fumbled behind her and the lacy garment came free. Carole slipped the thin straps over her shoulders and slipped it off. She pulled it away from her body and threw it in the corner adding to the pile of discarded clothing.

Richie and I gaze upon her two creamy tits. Alabaster white but topped with large dark nipples. Compared to Helen her tits were average in size but my aunt's nips were outstanding. Almost saucer shaped aureole and as I said... Those eraser like nips!

"Gorgeous tits for a twenty nine year old Carole. Truly awesome!" Richie crowed

"No kids...and that's how I want to keep it. I don't want to be made pregnant by a nephew so I'll go along with this but no penetration."

I went behind her once more and nuzzled into her neck. I kissed the lobe of her ear and traced a path to her neck with my tongue.

"We are gonna fuck you. Fuck you long and fuck you hard. If you are a good girl it will be when these dicks of ours are firing into a condom or you are on birth control. But to make that happen you gotta be a naughty girl for us. A VERY naughty girl." I whispered into her ear.

"Me and Rich are hard. Tell us a fantasy Carole."

Carole looked nervously at Richie and Helen but began her story.

"I fantasize that you and Richie catch me in my undies..." She whispered.

I reach around and tweaked a nipple and then squeezed a little, just a little too hard.


"You look at me and I can see the lust in your eyes. I turn towards you and slip my hand into my panties. You boys look on as I rub my pussy lips. I see you looking so I push the material aside..."

"Do it." I whisper to her


"Do it now. I won't tell you again. Make yourself cum for us or I'll make you cum with my cock."

"You will masturbate for us all but still with your panties on. Unfortunately you said we can't fuck you but you will cum for us all...understand? "

Carole reeled at the thought of the shocking act she had to perform and its dire consequences.

"You cannot remove those panties until they are stained with your own juices. I want to know my princess is enjoying herself as much as we are...understand?"

", please, you can't do ...... I can't do that, I can't!"

"You will and you will do it now. After all it is YOUR fantasy!"

"Go on Carole, get on with it, and stand with your legs slightly apart facing us and cum for your niece and nephews." Wyatt ordered.

Poor, humiliated, Carole knew that she had no choice.