Woman encounters living, orgasmic bubble bath. Porn Video

Sometimes just watching, can be as erotic as doing.

Betty thought about how he was able to sneak in like that because of the thick carpeting in their bedrooms. She guessed that she could do the same for him! Betty went to bed early that night, but set the alarm for 3am. She fell asleep thinking about John's balls and how they hung and jiggled vulnerably from his male body. Everywhere he went, he had to keep track of this silly little pouch of vulnerability. In the bathroom, at work, in bed. She could pounce on him anywhere. As she fell asleep, Betty smiled for the first time in a while.

At three in the morning she woke up, took the ring, and tiptoed silently into John's bedroom. She knew that he slept naked. Slowly, very slowly, over about ten minutes, she managed to maneuver his down comforter so that the bottom half of his body was exposed. He legs lay partly open, and between them spilled out his male sex, soft and vulnerable. Betty stared at it. She had never seen it looking so innocent before. His little penis and soft, tender scrotum. Now this was the tricky part. She knew his balls would be sensitive. Lucky for her, she had heard him come in that night and he sounded drunk. Too drunk to fuck her, anyway. Perhaps that would help keep him asleep...

Well, there was nothing for it: she had to try. Betty reached out and moved as slowly and as stealthily as she possibly could. She lifted up his balls and worked the open metal ring around them. He began to stir. Betty closed the ring around the top of his scrotum, making sure both balls were below its closed circumference. It fit him perfectly. It had been hard to get on, but even Betty could see that there was no way for his balls to get up past the closed ring. How marvelous! And to think that she had never considered the unique vulnerability of the male anatomy before!

John woke up as the ring closed around his balls, and was immediately disoriented and angry. And hung-over. He yanked off the blankets and stared at Betty, trying to figure out what was going on. Then he felt something around his balls. He reached down and found that there was a metal ring locked around his scrotum above the testicles. "What the fuck?" he yelled, and began to shout other obscenities as he tried to pull the ring off his sex. It was clearly impossible. The ring was just too small for his testicles to pass through. There was nothing he could do. He turned to Betty in a rage and began to approach her.

Betty was fully dressed and John was naked, but even so she felt afraid. What if he raped her right now, or even worse? What kind of terrible punishment would he mete out? She thought of Ms. Germane and the fact that she was supposed to call her, but how could she do that if she were tied up? All her thoughts were jumbled. John was on top of her, angry and confused. He was swearing at her and calling her a bitch. He grabbed her breasts through her shirt and yelled, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He thought she had merely wanted to lock a ring around his balls. Betty herself had temporarily forgotten, in a panic, that she was supposed to 'activate' the ring. John ripped open her shirt and yanked her bra up so that her breasts flopped out towards him. "You think you can put rings on me and shit?" he demanded, grabbing her nipples, one in each hand, and pulling them towards him. Betty moaned, her feelings of power totally evaporated. John grabbed at her cunt and then forced her head towards his dick, which was now hard with anger. "Suck it, bitch. If you make me cum quickly I won't punish you, and we can have this thing removed in the morning."

Betty's face was pushed down towards his raging penis. The tip of it was pushing against her lips. The she saw the ring locked around his scrotum, and saw the little designs in it-nanotechnology?-and remembered about the activation. She yelled the word 'scrotum' at the ring.

There was a tiny buzzing sound and suddenly John pulled away from her with a look of fear in his eyes.

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