FreeSlave comes home to wife after long week with her "friends". Sex Pics

He introduces the babysitter to new temptations.

The phone rang while we were eating dinner and Tom answered it and then handed me the phone. "It's for you. I think its Shelly.


"Hi honey, its Shelly. I've got a problem that I'm hoping you can help me with. Can you come over for a couple of hours? Not you and Tom, just you."

"Hang on, I'll find out" and I turned to Tom, "Do you have anything planned for us for tonight?"

"No, why?"

"Shelly wants me to help her with something."

"Okay by me."

"Shelly? I can come over in about half an hour. I need to do my dinner dishes before I leave."

"Okay honey, but the sooner you can get here the better."

"Curious" I said as I hung up the phone.

"Why is that?"

"It's the first time she's ever called and asked me to come over."

It didn't occur to me until I was walking up their front walk that Shelly was doing what Joe had told her to do. She was getting me over so that Joe could fuck me some more. I rang the bell and was greeted by Joe, "Glad you could make it sweetie. Shelly's in the back bedroom waiting for you."

I walked into the bedroom and what I saw froze me in my tracks. Shelly was on the bed naked and she had three men with her. Not only that, but there were four more naked men in the room watching the four people on the bed. Joe came up behind me and cupped my breasts in his hands and poked his hard cock against my ass.

"That's the problem she needs help with sweetie, she ain't got enough holes."

I tried to back up and leave, but Joe held onto me.

"You aren't going anywhere sweetie. I've been bragging to these guys what good pussy you are and you have to stay and prove to them I'm not a liar."

I struggled to pull away from him, "No Joe, no. Let me go. I can't do this. I love my husband and I can't do this to him."

"Sure you can sweetie. You can love him all you want when you are home with him, but right now you are here and these guys want a taste of you. Come on guys, let's get her clothes off of her."

Four sets of hands grabbed me and started stripping me. I kept trying to pull loose and one of the men said, "Hey Joe, if she isn't willing I'm not sure that I want in on this."

"Don't sweat it. As soon as she feels my cock in her she'll settle down."

He was right of course. They got me stripped and carried me to the bed and set me down beside Shelly. Joe mounted me and five strokes later I was begging him to never stop fucking me.

When the last man had dressed and gone I had been fucked fourteen times. I'd swallowed the cum of six men and I had my first anal ever and found out that I liked it. At one point in the evening Shelly and I had been mirror images of each other as side by side we each had three men in us. I hadn't wanted the night to end - I wanted to stay there and fuck forever - but the night did end and I faced up to the fact that I was going home to my husband as a well fucked whore. Shelly loaned me what I needed to take a shower and douche myself and go home to Tom fairly clean, but if Tom wanted sex I was busted. There was no way he wouldn't know that my pussy had been well used. How did I know? Because when I pushed the nozzle of Shelly's douche bag into my pussy I didn't even feel it. Before I left to go home Joe told me that he would see me the next day during his lunch hour. Driving home I thought a lot about what had happened and what was happening to me and the only thing I was certain of when I got home was that I didn't know how to stop it and I wasn't sure I would even if I could. Luckily, Tom was in bed asleep when I got home.

The next day, clad only in high heels, I waited at the front door for Joe's arrival.