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I figured out my wife had hots for teens.

The day finally arrived, and I was so nervous and filled with anticipation I could hardly sit still. After kissing the wife and kids goodbye and watching them pull away, I took a shower and pulled on some jeans, no underwear, and tee shirt, slipped into sandals and headed next door.

Entering the back door, which Katie usually kept unlocked for the kids, I made my way into the kitchen, and could see her standing in the living room next to the sofa, talking on the phone to her kids who had left hours earlier with their dad.

Katie was wearing sweat pants, with Nike logo across her round lovely ass, and a white tee shirt. I walked up behind her and touched her back; she jumped, turned, smiled, and gave me a signal that she should be done in one minute. I didn't want to wait; I pulled her hair off her neck and leaned in to kiss her neck. She tried to wiggle away, but I held her in my arms, kissing her neck and nuzzling her earlobes. I could tell she was trying to maintain her composure as she finished up her conversations. Not stopping I slipped my hands down and under her tee shirt. Sliding them slowly up her belly, they came across her wonderful bra-less tits, my hands ran over them for the first time. They were bigger and felt better then I ever imagined. Katie gave me a half hearted stare trying to get me to stop fondling her as she spoke with her kids, but the seriousness of the look was betrayed by a smile and wink.

I continued feeling her tits, running the nipples between my thumb and forefinger, they were so hard, and I could tell she loved the teasing. I kissed her neck fondled her tits, then took one hand and slide it down her naked back, lower until I felt the waist band of her sweat pants. I slipped my hand inside her sweat pants and ran my hand over her nice round ass, Katie had a great body even after four kids, and her ass was one of her best features. I had spent many nights dreaming about getting my hands on it, and here I was standing in her living room rubbing her bare ass.

Hanging up the phone and removing my hands from her shirt and pants, she pushed me back onto the sofa.

"You are a very bad man", she said with an evil grin on her face, then jumped on top of me on the sofa. We embraced and started kissing, Katie on top of me grinding against my hard cock. My hands were in her hair, pulling her tight against my lips, as we kissed long and passionately, tongues dancing, lips on fire. Breaking she stripped my tee shirt off and I pulled her's over her head. She laid down, her nice big tits crushed against my chest. My hands on her back, dragging my finger nails up and down her back, making her tingle. She kissed my chest, back up to my mouth. My hands found her naked ass once again, and with both hands I squeezed and fondled it. Katie sunk down to the floor on her knees, between my legs. She looked me in the eyes as she undid my jeans, slowly sliding the zipper down. She smiled at the surprise as my hard cock popped out of my jeans. Looking it over, then running her tongue slowly around my head, my cock twitched, and grew even harder. She worked my jeans off and then slowly kissed her way up my legs, higher and higher. Coming to my cock, she stuck her tongue out and slid it slowly up the underside of my cock. Long slow lick up to the head, I was in heaven. Taking just the head into her mouth, she sucked on it; I could feel her tongue swirling over the slit. Her fingers formed a tight little circle around my cock as she started jacking me up and down. Taking more and more into her mouth, until all my cock was in. She looked at me with those sexy eyes, and swallowed, the suction on my cock almost made me cum right then. Katie sensed that she had me now, and wasn't about to let up, she sucked my cock, played with my balls, trying to get me cum in record time. I couldn't hold out long, being with her was what I dreamt about for months, and now it was happening.

"I am going to cum soon", I said breathing ha

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